Waga Haha no Ki
                Chronicle of My Mother
                      (April 28, 2012)

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Created on August 3, 2011
Updated on January 23,2013
Koji Yakusho: Kosaku Igami                                                                      Director:
Masato Harada
Aoi Miyazaki:Kotoko Igami
Kirin Kiki:Yae
Midoriko Kimura

The English translation of "Waga Haha no Ki" , "Chronicle of My mother" by Yasushi Inoue is available

February 12
"On Saturday, the starring cast of the movie "Waga Haha" was partially unveiled. Koji Yakusho (55) will take the lead role, with Aoi Miyazaki
(25) and Kirin Kiki (68) also playing main characters. The three will play a family dealing with the memory loss of the mother due to old age.
The project was first announced in January. Based on the autobiographical novel "Waga Haha no Ki" by author Yasushi Inoue, it is being directed
by Masato Harada ("Climber's High").
The story is set during the 1960s. Yakusho plays a novelist named Kosaku Igami who has been living apart from his mother Yae (played by Kiki)
since a young age. After his father dies, Kosaku has to deal with Yae's living arrangements. Meanwhile, he desperately struggles to understand
their bond as mother and son, lost between his own distant childhood recollections and the aging Yae's gradually fading memory. He receives
support from his wife, his three daughters, and his younger sister as Yae's condition worsens.
Miyazaki has been cast as the youngest daughter, Kotoko. The other cast members have still not been revealed at this time.
Harada began shooting the film this month and is expected to wrap up in March. Locations include Shizuoka and Tokyo. The film is currently
scheduled for a 2012 release."



January 23, 2013
On January 22, Koji Yakusho's official site announced that Yakusho was nominated as 'Best Actor' for the 36th
Japan Academy Award following his roles in two films, namely "Waga Haha no Ki" / "Chroicle of My Mother"
and "Rengo Kantai Shirei-Chokan: Yamamoto Isoroku" /ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO: The Untold Story of the
Pacific War".
The Japan Academy Award Ceremony will be held on March 8, 2013.

May 11,2012
"Chronicle of My Mother" started showing on April 28 nationwide in Japan.
Director Masato Harada, Koji Yakusho, Kiki Kilin, Aoi Miyazaki, Mimura and Akiko Kikuchi greeted the audience
from the stage in a movie theater in Ginza, Tokyo. Here's the
You tube on that occasion.

March 20
The premiere for "Chronicle of My Mother" was held in Tokyo on March 19 with the presence of Director Masato
Harada, Koji Yakusho, Kiki Kirin, Aoi Miyazaki, Mimura and Akiko Kikuch.

January 28
The full trailer for "Chronicle of My Mother" is now available.

January 18
The official site for "Chronicle of My Mother" announced that Koji Yakusho was nominated as 'the Best Actor' at
the 6th Asian Film Award for his performance for "Chronicle of My Mother".

January 1, 2012
"Chronicle of My Mother" will be shown durin
g the Palm Spring International Film Festival" (January 5-
11, 2012).

October 20, 2011
The teaser trailer for "The Chronicle of My Mother" is now available o
n the official website.

October 15
The poster for "Chronicle of My Mother"/ "Waga Haha no Ki"  has just been  posted on the Internet".  The
catch-phrase on the poster is "Tatoe Wasurete-shimattemo, kitto Aidake ga Nokoru" (Even we have lost our
memory, certainly love remains.)  The film will be shown nationwide in early May , 201

September 21
"Chronicle of My Mother" will be shown during the 47th Chicago International Film Festival (Oct 6- 20).

September 7
's the English translation site (Kyodo news) of the the press conference which was held on September 1.

September 4
A press conference with the presence of Masato Harada and Koji Yakusho, was held in Kyoto on Semtember 1 to
report that "Chronicle of My Mother won the Motreal World Film Festival Jury Prize.
Some good photos of Harada and Yakusho can be seen below the article.

August 29
Director Masato Harada's "Chronicle of My Mother", starring Koji Yakusho,  won the Special Grand Prix of the
jury at the 35th Montreal World Film Festival.  Director Masato Harada and Koji Yakusho were not able to attend
the official showing session on the 27th and the award ceremony on the 28th: Director Harada has been working
with Koji Yakusho in Kyoto for the shooting of a TV drama, which is based on a short story by Yasushi Inoue, who
also wrote the novel on which "Chronicle of My Mother" is based. This TV drama entitled "Shoshu (Early
Autumn)  is due to be shown on October 8 on TBS in Japan.

's the Mainichi Daily news item about the 35th Montreal World Film Festival award ceremony on August 28.

August 3
"Waga Haha no Ki" will be shown during the 35th Montreal World Film Festival.
Here's t
he TokyoGraph news.

The official site for "Waga Haha no Ki"  has been updated and we can now read the comments by Director Masato
Harada and Koji Yakusho in regard to the entry to the Montreal World Film Festival.

May 30
The official site has just opened.

February 14, 2011
If you want to see an image of Yasushi Inoue, click t
his Eiga.com site.  Can you find any resemblance in appearance
between the author and Koji Yakusho?
Eiga.com: Family photo