The Uchoten Hotel /The Wow-Choten Hotel (2006)
                 (Suite Dreams)
Updated on February 27, 2008
August 8, 2005
At last there has been a press release about Koji's new film, "The Uchoten Hotel or the ecstasy hotel".  Koji's role is that of
Deputy Manager of a first-rate hotel in Tokyo.   Koji's fans are so excited to learn that Koki Mitani is both director and scenario
writer for this film.  Now Mitani has so far written the scenarios for
"Warai No Daigaku/University of Laughs", a  stage play
"Ganryujima" , and a TV serial drama:"Aikotoba Wa Yuki", but he has never actually directed Koji's films.  This will be
director Mitani's third film, following"Rajio no Jikan or Radio Time (English title:"Welcome back, Mr. Mcdonald" and "Minna
No Ie" (English Title: "Everyone's House").

The romantic comedy, "The Uchoten Hotel" seems to be a a film happening chronologically , which of course means that the story
proceeds as time passes. The setting of the story is  a gorgeous hotel on New Year' Eve, two hours before midnight. During the
countdown to New Year's Eve, lots of guests turn up at this hotel with their own problems, which causes various disturbances.


December 26
The Uchoten Hotel (Suite Dreams) was nominated for the 2006 Japan Academy Award as the best picture, best
director(Koki Mitani), best script writer (Koki Mitani), best actor (koji Yakusho), best supporting actor
(Koichi Sato), music (Yusuke Honma), Lighting Direction (Akira Ono), Production Design (Yohei Taneda),
Sound Recording (Tetsuo Segawa), and Film Editing (Soichi Ueno).
The award ceremony will be held on February 16, 2007.                                                  

August 21
At The Montreal World Film Festival, "The Uchoten Hotel" is scheduled to be shown on August 25th (12:20 &
21:40),26th (16:30) and 27th (12:20).  Here is
the schedule site (PDF format).

August 11
According to Koji Yakusho's official website which was renewed today, "The Uchoten Hotel" is due to be
shown during
The Montreal World Film Festival as one of the films for "Focus on World Cinema"

March 8
For the details and the photos of the March 5 greeting occasion , please visit this
Toho site.

March 6, 2006
On March 5, after the first showing of 窶弋he Ucoten Hotel窶拌t SUKARAZA Theater in Ginza, Tokyo,
Koki Mitani, together with Koji Yakusho, Takako Matsu, Keiko Toda and Katsuhisa Namase
appeared on the stage to greet the audience.  Their purpose was to celebrate the fact that this movie had gained
over 5 billion yen box-office income by the end of February. The total audience was reported to be 4.11 million
persons and the actual box-office income had already reached 5.5 billion yen by the end of the first week of

Koji Yakusho's speech at SUKARAZA Theater made the audience laugh. He said that he was extremely happy
to find that "The Uchoten Hotel"  had exceeded last year's  no.1 box-office income achieved by the Japanese
anime movie titled, "The Pocket Monster"( 4.4 billion yen) , adding that he was confident now about his
continuing to work as an actor !

When Koki Mitani spoke on the same occasion, he said that he wished that this movie would continue to be
shown until December 31, since it was set on New Year's Eve. He also hoped that it would  exceed the record
income of another anime movie 窶�/font>
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" /Spirited Away (2001),  which had
the largest ever box office income in Japan , the total being 30.4 billion yen.

                               Based on reports in "Sports Nippon" & "Daily Sports"


Cast: (23 characters )
Koji Yakusho:Heikichi Shindo ("Perfect" deputy manager, who is in charge of rooms)
Takako Matsu:Hana Takemoto (Hotel maid, single mother)
Koichi Sato:Katsutoshi Mutouda (National Diet member)
Shingo Katori:Kenji Tadano (28-year-old bell boy, who wants to become a singer-songwriter)

Ryoko Shinohara:Yoko (Call girl)
Keiko Toda:Tokiko Yabe (Assistant to Shindo)
Katsuhisa Namase:Takashi Seo (Deputy manager, who is in charge of entertainment)
Kumiko Aso:Naomi Obara (Flight attendant?)
YOU:Cherry Sakura (Unhappy jazz vocalist)
Jo Odagiri:Ukon (Hotel employee as calligrapher)

Takuzo Kadono:Mamoru Hotta (Professor on deer studies)
Susumu Terashima:Jose Kawauchi (Magician, who easily loses temper)
Kazuyuki Asano: Tamotsu Jimbo (Secretary to Mutouda)
Yoshimasa Kondo:Naomasa Bando (Son of Bando)
Jiei Kawahira:Tange (Waiter, who is in love with Mutsuko)
Keiko Horiuchi:Mutsuko Noma (Hotel maid)
Zen Kajiwara:Bito (Secretary to Tokugawa)
Masanori Ishii: (ex-police detective, now hotel detective)

Mieko Harada:Yumi Hotta (Shindo's ex-wife, now wife of prof.Hotta)
Toshiyuki Karasawa:Toshikazu Akamaru (Entertainment production president)
Masahiko Tsugawa:Kenji Bando (Company president)
Shiro Ito:General Manager of the Hotel, Avanti)
Toshiyuki Nishida: Zenbu Tokugawa (Famous enka-singer)

Created on August 8, 2005
Release date: January 14, 2006    Running time: 136 min.(Japan)
The DVD of "The Uchoten Hotel" (Special edition)) is now available.
The standard edition is also available.  Both versions have English subtitles!