Tampopo (1985)
Tsutomu Yamazaki: Goro
Nobuko :Miyamoto: Tampopo
Koji Yakusho: man in  white suit
Ken Watanabe: Gan
Ryutaro Otomo: Ramen-eating-manner
Based on the Kinema Jumpo, No.924,1985:

Itami decided on Koji Yakusho as the man in a white suit, in "Tampopo", after
watching Yakusho's starring in a TV serial drama in 1985. He said that while
shooting the scenes for Yakusho, he had become fascinated with his facial
expressions, stressing that he found him an actor of caliber, with sexual
appeal and a sense of humour. He predicted that in the future, Yakusho
would become an actor like Gary Cooper, if directed properly.

Koji Yakusho says that it is his ideal to become a versatile actor like Tatsuya
Nakadai, his acting teacher at the Mumeijuku Studio, so that he could act on
stage, in films and in TV dramas.

Yakusho's role in the film, "Tampopo" is that of a decadent hedonic gangster who treats his mistress just
as if she were an object to satisfy his appetite for food. He appears in the film as an independent figure
from the mainstream of the film.

September 1, 2010
J Film POW-WOW selected
this film as one of the top-ten sexist secenes in Japanese films.
Updated on November 15, 2010
The making of TAMPOPO DVD is quite interesting.
Mr. Juzo Itami introduces the making of some most
impressive scenes from Tampopo in this DVD.

Mr. Itami spends a lot of time in introducing the filming of
the love scenes for Koji Yakusho and Fukumi Kuroda.