Koji Yakusho: Shoichiro Kuki
Hitomi Kuroki: Rinko Matsubara
Kinugawa: Akira Terao
Tomoko Hoshino: Fumie Kuki
Toshio Shiba: Haruhiko Matsubar
Kuki (53), a large publishing
company's editor, meets Rinko, a 38
year-old married woman at an art
gallery. It doesn't take time for them
to fall in love.  Kuki's  relationaship
with his wife is getting worse, while
Rinko's love toward her husband has
died out.
As  Kuki and Rinko's love deepens, they
start cohabiting secretly, whereas their
passionate love affair comes to be
disclosed to Rinko's husband, Kuki's wife
and his publishing company's boss.
Rinko's firm wish that she wants to die
in the prime of life makes Kuki
determin to commit double-suicide with
her. They choose to die in the middle
of ecstasy in bed with the help of wine
with poison in it.
   A magazine interview:  Koji Yakusho's view about "Lost Paradise"
                   --- Pymmik's unofficial translation ---

When the role offer came, I hesitated at first, thinking about the hero's age as he was 10 years older
than I was. But I made up my mind to play the role, as I had long wanted to have an opportunity to
work with the director, Yoshimitsu Morita.

As expected, bed scenes were really tough to shoot. Eroticism in the novel needed expressing
properly. I feel that each of such scenes conveys the director's enthusiasm and individuality.
It was worth acting the role of Kuki. I feel that this is rather a new "Lost Paradise", based on the
original novel.

I don't totally agree to the view that their love is adult love; they are simply overwhelmed by their
passionate love. Anybody may pine for such a type of love as agreeing to die for somebody whom
one truly loves.

Our age doesn't matter. What actually matters is our feeling, isn't it?  Kuki does not die just because
he finds his life hard to live on; he determines to die for the woman he loves, because she wishes to
die in the prime of life.
The dialogue between Kuki and Rinko at the last scene in the snow:

Rinko: When I was seven, I got lost in a lotus field.
      The sun going down... I was so lonely.
Kuki: When I was nine, my dad bought me a baseball glove.
   I was so happy I went to sleep wearing it.
Rinko: When I was 14, I first wore stockings. My feet were sliding around   in my
Kuki: When I was 17, John Kennedy was assassinated.  I sat glued to TV.
Rinko: When I was 25, I made an arranged marriage. There was a typhoon
    at our wedding day.
Kuki: When I was 27, my daughter was born. I was too busy with work to            
even go to the hospital
Rinko: 38 years of age, summer. I met you, and fell in love.
Kuki: When I was 50, I first lost my heart to a woman.
Rinko: 38 years of age, winter. I am with you now, and always will                      
Kuki: Forever. (Eien- ni)
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Movie director Yoshimitsu Morita, who directed "Shitsurakuen" passed away on December 20, 2011
at the age of 61.