Osaka Gokudo Senso: Shinoidare (1994)
Koji Yakusho: Ippei Yoshikawa
Hirishi Abe: Tadao Shimamoto
Yuko Nito: Tamako Inoue
Hiroko Sakuramachi: Fune Shimamoto
Directed by Tatsuoki Hosono
Based on a novel by Yukio Yamanouchi
Scenario: Izuru Narushima/Yasuo Hideshima
Running time: 97 min.
Release date: June 13,1994
Yakusho had mentioned at various interviews in the past that he would like to challenge  a role as a
yakuza/gangster. His dream came to be realized in this film. However, what a yakuza he played!  Ippei
Yoshikawa, who has succeeded his father as the yakuza chief, is far from the smart yakuza image in the
old days. Funds and the number of yakuza group members is limited, and the type of business he deals
in is only minor.

One day luck seemed to have come to him.  By chance he met his childhood friend, Tadao Shimamoto,
who is the owner of  a big real estate agent company: Tadao's father and Ippei's used to be on good
terms. Ippei started helping Tadao's business, that is, giving a hand in raising the land prices.

Ippei, as portrayed by Yakusho, is a very amiable gangster: he encourages Tamako whom he is actually
in love with, to go to Tadao when he knows that Tadao is also fond of her.

In this film, Yakusho speaks in Osaka dialect, which seems to have been very difficult to
learn; Yakusho is from Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu. It is a marvelous thing that  even people living in
Osaka regard his Osaka dialect as almost natural. .

Koji Yakusho and Hiroshi Abe