Retribution/Sakebi (2007)
Koji Yakusho: Detective Yoshioka
Manami Konishi:Harue
Joe Odagiri: Dr.Takagi
Takeshi Ihara: Ditective Miyaji
Ryo Kase: man on a work boat
Riona Hazuki: Woman in a red dress
Written and directed by
Kiyoshi Kurosawa
103 mins.
(April 7,2008)
Another interesting
review of "Retribution".

(March 13)
I have just found another interesting interview with Koyoshi Kurosawa on "Retribution". (
).  Asked about Koji Yakusho,  K. Kurosawa remarked:

:You worked several times with Koji Yakusho, do you ever write characters with him in mind? Was this the

Kurosawa: When I'm working on screenplays, I never write characters based on a particular actor. If I did, it
would prevent me from freely developing characters and expanding the narrative. However,
Koji Yakusho is
perhaps an exception for me. When I want to deepen the story instead of expanding it, or when I want to create
an intricate portrayal of a man's gradual transformation as he comes face to face with society, I tend to write
Koji Yakusho in mind from the very beginning. The creation of "Sakebi" was definitely one of those

(February 21, 2008)
The DVD of "Retribution" will be released in the US on April 15, 2008.
Check this
site, and the Twitch film site, too. Sarudama's review on this film is quite interesting!.
The Twitch film reports:"Extras will include a Making of Retribution featurette, an interview with Director
Kiyoshi Kurasawa, and
an alternate ending."

(August 4, 2007)
The Hong kong version DVD of "Retribution" with English subtitles is available.
The Malasian interview with Kiyoshi Kurosawa by ALLAN KOAY.  See Twitchfilm net.

(July 9)
DVD of "Sakebi/Retribution" (R 2)  will be released on August 1, 2007.
This DVD has 2 discs. I was surprised to be informed on the official website of this film that it includes another
ending of the film, which has been cut from the original ending.

(June 6)
Retribution/Sakebi" will be shown during the 2007 New York Asian Film Frstival (June 22 - July 8).

(May 21)
The Sakebi/Retribution DVD will be on sale from August 1, 07.
For further information, please click

(May 14)
Interview with Koji Yakusho (in Japanese) about "Sakebi/Retribution" (March 3, 2007).
Interviews with Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Koji Yakusho, Manami Konishi and Takeshi Ihara.

(April 28)
English Interview with Kiyoshi Kurosawa under the title of "Horror godfather is fed up with scary movies".
(Reuters)  K.Kurosawa's new movie seems to be
"Tokyo Sonata."

(March 2)
the website of interviews with director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Koji Yakusho, Manami Konishi and Takeshi
Ihara. If you click the ceter part (1Mbps), you can watch the video clip of the interviews.

(March 1)
On February 24 "Sakebi/Retribution" opened nationwide in Japan. Koji Yakusho attended  three greeting
sessions which were held at two movie theaters in Tokyo and one movie theater in Kanagawa prefecture.
Luckily I was able to get a ticket for the 15:50 show at the movie theater in Kanagawa prefecture. Here is
photo, taken at the Cine Sezon Shibuya theater in Tokyo on the afternoon of February 24.

I was very impressed with the movie, and felt enthralled by Koji's superb performance.
He was as handsome as ever ,and his humorous speech made the audience laugh a lot.

Here is Pymmik's English translation of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's message which appears on  the first page of the
movie program and serves to provide viewers with a good understanding  of the theme of this story:

The 'ghost' in this movie is actually one's past which one is scared to face.
We try to resist the scary past by forgetting things in order to go forward to the future.
However, what if, in truth, the past never disappears, and every night tries to come into our firmly closed ears,
Thus the story has been made up about the confrontation of man and ghost; the present and the past. This is
no doubt a movie which belongs to the genre of 'ghost story' but at the same time it is a movie about
'atonement.' ""

(January 16)
The Official website of "Retribution" has been updated.  We can now see the full trailer!
(Twitch film net. )

On January 16, the premiere of "Sakebi /Retribution" was held in Tokyo, and director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Koji
Yakusho, Manami Konoshi and Takeshi Ihara greeted the audience from the satge. Koji Yakusho said, "Try to
feel the sorrow or the grudge of those in this film, who were forgotten or deserted."

(January 12, 2007)
In New York City, "Sakebi/Retribution" will be shown as part of Film Comment Selects at the Walter Reade
Theater on Feb.17 (8:15pm) , Feb.18 (4:30pm) and  Feb.19 (8:00pm).
Source:Kaiju Shakedown

(December 26, 2006)
Koji Yakusho's official website reported today that "Sakebi/Retribution" will be released
natiowide in Japan from February 24, 2007.

(November 23)
Twitch film site reports that the official website of "Sakebi/Retribution" has been set up. This site's
comment including items on Koji yakusho's performance is noteworthy: "We were very proud to have the
Canadian premiere of Retribution as part of Toronto After Dark this year and the film certainly didn't fail to
impress. Smart, stylish and beautifully shot stuff anchored by yet another incredible performance by Koji
Yakusho. Very nice."

(November 21)
The Tokyo FILMeX site put the video clip of the part of Koji Yakusho's greeting and the Q & A
session with Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Here are
more photos of Koji.

(November 20)
The Jasongray site has put
the report of the Japan premiere of "Sakebi/Retribution" which was held at the
2006 Tokyo FILMex at Asahi Hall, Yurakucho on Nov.19.  You can see the latest photo of Koji Yakusho with
Kiyoshi Kurosawa on that site.

The Japan Film site, Ryuganji put
the video clips of the greeting and the Q&A session.

(November 4)
Twitchfilm. net posted
a review on Retribution.

"Retribution/Sakebi" is due to be shown from 15:40 at Yurakucho Asahi Hall in Tokyo on November 19 (Sun)
the Tokyo Filmex Film Festival.  Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Koji Yakusho are to greet the
audience from the stage before the showing of the film and a Q & A session with Kiyoshi Kurosawa will be held
after the film.  Tickets for the Festival started selling on November 3 and all the tickets for "Retribution" have
already been sold out!

(August 28)
I just found
the photo site of "Retribution"!!  Each picture can be enlarged.

Some of
today's newspapers reported that Riona Hazuki performed the role of a woman in a red dress in
"Sakebi" Her role seems to be actually that of a ghost, who torments detective Yoshioka.

She says that she is thinking of attending the showing of "Sakebi/Retribution" at Venice Film festival, wearing
a red dress!

(August 19)
I have found out that on September 3 (Sun)
Sakebi (Retribution) is due to be shown from 0:30 a.m. at SALA
GRANDE theater at Venice Film Festival.

(August 17)
You can now see
a larger-sized picture of Koji in "Retribution" on the photogallery site of Venice Film
Festival.  For the larger size, click the pic. What is your impression, when you see Koji's facial expression in
this pic?

(August 6
Venice Film Festival website has added an English title of "Sakebi" as "Retribution".

(August 4)
I found
an interesting  info site with the detailed synopsis about "Sakebi" and comments by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
and Koji Yakusho.  Here is Pymmik's unofficial  English translation:


Somehow around the police detective Yoshioka (Koji Yakusho), a series of murder cases occur. Yoshioka,
whose duty is to investigate the cases and arrest the murderers, begins to be haunted by a strange feeling; he
starts wondering whether he himself may not be the murderer. Around the murdered people he finds some
clues which hint that he may have killed them. What horrifies him most is that his memory itself blurs and
cannot tell for certain that he is innocent.

Yoshioka's girlfriend Harue (Manami Konishi) observes suffering Yoshioka with a cool gaze: they have been in
love for a long time but their relationship does not seem to be so close.

One of Yoshioka's colleagues, another detective called Miyaji who starts suspecting Yoshioka, suffer through
having a feeling of friendship and a sense of duty at the same time.

Yoshioka, who is scared of his fading memories and his past, visits a psychiatrist, Dr. Takagi(Jo Odagiri)'s
clinic, and starts getting treatment; but the haze in Yoshioka's brain never disappears窶ヲ

One day a scary shriek haunts Yoshioka while he is loitering around the place where the first murder case
happened. A woman's faint and sad cry says, 窶廬 will forgive only you". Yoshioka is perplexed by his dual-
character-like past. Harue observes Yoshioka with an icy gaze. Both Miyaji and Takagi suffer from their own
professional dilemma.  In due course a mysterious man on a work boat tempts Yoshioka, saying, 窶弩hy don't
you get on this boat and have a peep of the other side of the world?窶�

One mystery evokes another mystery.  Is this happening in the real world or somehow in a different world?  
People's destinies which are connected by dirty water and dark thread, tingle quietly with each other in the
present and past worlds or in the past and present worlds窶ヲ. And Yoshioka becomes involved without

At the end of the story, an incredible ending awaits Yoshioka. It becomes clear who gives  the shriek and the
secret that is hidden behind the wording, 窶廬 will forgive only you.窶�is revealed.

Kurosawa's comment:
Sakebi is a difficult genre of film which tends to be neglected.  Therefore, I appreciate the Venice Film Festival
people who have selected such a film as an out of competition for their high quality judgement and their
attitude in trying to see my film in a fair manner.

Yakusho's comment:
This film depicts the psychological horror of a man who has tried to delete his past or has fled from his past as
he gradually comes to confront his own truth. I am very much looking forward to the audience's reaction at the


(July 31)
For more info on the synopsis and the cast of this film, please visi
t this site.

(July 29)
Koji Yakusho's new film with Kiyoshi kurosawa, entitled "Sakebi"(scream or shout or shriek) , which was shot
during January and February in 2006 has been selected as an "Out of competition Midnight" movie for
Venice Film Festival.  

Kiyoshi Kurosawa made his comment to the Sankei Sports newspaper that he intended his new film to be
beyond the stereotype of Japanese horror movies, adding that he'd  like to show the world that the horizon of
his movies has widened immemsely.  Koji's comment to the same newspaper is that he is very much looking
forward to seeing the audiences' reaction to this film.

Reportedly this is a film depicting a police detective's darkness of heart while he pursues some unresolved
murder cases, still under investigatio
Created on July 29, 2006
Updated on March 11, 2010
Release date in Japan: February 24 (Sat.), 2007
Interview with Kiyoshi Kurosawa
(MidnightEye: March 20, 2001)
The film tag : Fear of forgotten past
Two "Sakebi /Retrubution" flyers
Click the pictures for enlargement.
A review of "Retribution"
Review of Retribution
Full video: Sakebi with
English  subtitles
Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Koji Yakusho greeting the
audience during the 7th Tokyo Filmex Film Festival.
(Nov.19, 2006)