Over the Hedge (2006)
Japanese title: Mori no Ritoru Gyangu (Little Gangsters in the Wood)
On April 24, 2006, the list of the Japanese cast who have dubbed  the voices of the characters of the
US animation film,  "Over the Hedge" was announced.  And guess who  has dubbed the Racoon RJ
voiced by Bruce Willis.  The answer is Koji Yakusho!

Reportedly, Koji Yakusho agreed to do the job of dubbing, after accepting an eager request by
DreamWorks, the production company, who has decided on Koji Yakusho for the reasons that his
age and quality of voice were close to those of Bruce Willis, and because Koji is already
internationally well-known.

Koji, who finished the dubbing session in mid-April, commented, saying, 窶�I made a great effort to
convey the atmosphere of RJ created by  Mr. Bruce Willis but actually, I found it rather difficult.  I
do love RJ's amiable character, though窶�/font>

"Over the Hedge"  will be screened during the 2006 Cannes Film Festival as one of the "Out of
Competition" movies.
Release date in the US: May 19, 06
Release date in Japan: August 5, 06
Created on April 26, 2006
Updated on August 15
                 Cast (US)

Bruce Willis ....  RJ
Garry Shandling ....  Verne
Steve Carell ....  Hammy
Wanda Sykes ....  Stella
William Shatner ....  Ozzie
Nick Nolte ....  Vincent
Thomas Haden Church ....  Dwayne
Allison Janney ....  Gladys
Eugene Levy ....  Lou
Catherine O'Hara ....  Penny
Avril Lavigne ....  Heather
Omid Djalili ....  Tiger
Sami Kirkpatrick ....  Bucky
Shane Baumel ....  Spike
Madison Davenport ....  Quillo
Cast (Japanese)

Koji Yakusho .... RJ
Tetsuya Takeda .... Verne
Yoshizumi Ishihara .... Hammy
Boa.... Heather

Mari Natsuki .... Gladys