Onna Sakasemasu (1987)
Yakusho's role is that of a poor cellist
Toyoyo (Keiko Matsuzaka) confesses Takashi  
(Koji Yakusho) her poor childhood days at the coal
mine, before she is arrested at Tokyo Station.
Keiko Matsuzaka: Toyoyo Ishiyama
Koji Yakusho: Takashi Saegusa
Kunie Tanaka: Katsuji Watanabe
Takuzo Kawatani:Seijuro Omimi
Ginzo Tomita: Akira Nagoya
Nijiko Kiyokawa: Kin Kum
Directed by Azuma Morisaki
Based an a novel, "Hakuchu Do Do"  by
Masaharu Yuhki
Released date: December, 1987.
Running time: 94 min.
Toyoyo Ishiyama's job is shoplifting in Tokyo. Her father, who was once a coal miner at a coal mine in Nagasaki,
became an expert at shoplifting after his coal mine was closed. He did not want his daughter to succeed him in his
business, but actually she did.

Three years after the father's death, Toyoyo determines to stop shoplifting after carrying out the last big project:
that is, to steal the whole sum of  the money a big department store in Tokyo will annually gain just after the
Christmas Day.  Her intention is to give the money to her father's thieving group members who are getting older,
as their retirement money.

Toyoyo has got another good reason to complete this project, that is, to buy a best quality cello for a poor cellist,
called Takashi Saegusa (Koji Yakusho), with whom she has secretly fallen in love. She knows that Takashi wants
to win a first prize at a cello contest and wants to buy a better cello to impress the contest judges.

Toyoyo returns to her old coal mine home town in Nagasaki to ask her father's old thieving group members living
there to cooperate with her plan.

After a lot of hustle and bustle,Toyoyo and her group members succeed in stealing the money. On her way to
Tokyo Station to go to Nagasaki by train, she drops in at a musical instrument shop to order a most expensive
cello to be delivered to Takashi, using the money she has just gained, without them revealing her name to him.

On the platform at Tokyo Station, however, Toyoyo is approached by Takashi's sister, who is about to go home
on the same bullet train to Fukui with her mother. The sister, believing that Toyoyo has come to see off her and
her mother, calls Takashi in a loud voice. Takashi has recognized her but another man, a police detective called
Omimi, has also recognized Toyoyo. Omimi has been following Toyoyo, having noticed that she and her group
members  were planning to steal  something big. Toyoyo instantly realizes that she should be arrested by him so
that the other members could be safe from arrest.

After a brief talk with Takashi over lunch at the bench on the platform, Toyoyo tells Takashi a lie that she will get
married Omimi early next year: she knows that Omimi is in love with her.  She climbs the staircase to the near-by
police station, tugging the reluctant Omimi's hand.

Takashi visits the prison where Toyoyo is, telling her that he wants to get married with the lady who has presented
him with a super-quality cello, after her coming back from a long journey overseas.

Three years later, Toyoyo rejoins her old group members at the deserted coal mine in Nagasaki to dig out the
money cases, when she hears a familiar cello tune in the distance. She finds Takashi playing the very cello she
bought three years ago on top of the slag of coals. Looking up at Takashi proudly and happily,  she climbs up the
hillside: Takashi-looking happy, too- continues playing his cello.