Koji Yakusho News 3
August 30: Koji Yakusho's mother passed away on August 21.

Koji Yakusho (Hashimoto)'s mother, Fukuyo, passed away at a hospital in Isahaya, Nagasaki prefecture
on August 21 and the funeral was held in Isahaya on the 23. She was 83.
( August 30 - November 18, 2002 )
October19: Koji Yakusho's official website was updated.

On October 16, Koji Yakusho's official website was updated, and his office staff put some information about Koji

1. Yakusho's latest movie, "Tokyo Genpatsu" (Tokyo Nuclear Power Station) will be released
in the spring of 2003.

2. The details on Yakusho's 6th film with Kiyoshi Kurosawa is not allowed to disclose yet.

3. Yakusho is now working on a new film, entitled, "Yudan Taiteki" directed by Izuru Narushima.
This movie will be released in the spring of 2003.
November 18 : Koji Yakusho's two more new films

1) "Dopperugenga"

On November 18, Koji Yakusho's official website announced the title of Yakusho's sixth film with Koyoshi
Kurosawa as "Dopperugenga"(Doppelganger).
Yakusho seems to play a double role in this film for the first time.
Emoto Akira, who co-starred with Yakusho in "Shall We Dance?" and "Unagi" will appear
in this Kurosawa's new film, too.
His site says that this film is due to be released in Japan in the early summer of 2003.

2) "Yudan Taiteki' directed by Izuru Narushima

"Yudan Taiteki"'s English translation may be "Carelessness is a big enemy".
Yakusho's role seems to be that of a police detective. Emoto Akira will also appear in this film as a "great" thief.
This film is also due to be released in Japan in the eraly summer of 2003.

October 2: Koji Yakusho has been in China!

Every Sunday night, Koji Yakusho appears as "navigator" for a TV program for busunessmen, called "Gaia
no Yoake" (The Dawn of the Gaia). What he does in this program is to make some brief introductory
comments regarding the theme of the program. He looks very smart and attractive every time he appears on
the screen: playing certain roles,  he appears three times during the program.

Until now, the filming has been done in Japan , but for the next Sunday program, it seems that we will be
able to see Yakusho in Beijing in China!  I am not sure of the exact filming dates, but I wonder if Koji
Yakusho fans in China have become aware of the news.