Updated on May 26, 2008
May 26, 2008
If you would like to see trailers for some of Koji Yakusho movies, please click here.

May 25
Kiyoshi Kurosawa's "Tokyo Sonata" has won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard program at Cannes.

May 21
Koji Yakusho's official blog set up a photo of the Best Actor Award trophy from Filma Madrid. Koji
Yakusho was awarded the Best Actor Award for his performance in "Zo no Senaka" at the first Film Madrid
International Film Festival in early April, 2008.

May 18
The official website
for Tokyo Sonata has just opened.  Here is the review by Midnight Eye.

May 1
On March 13, 2008, the Asahi shimbun put an interview with Koji Yakusho about his hobby, woodwork. I
have made a rough
translation for this interview.

April 26
Koji Yakusho's office has announced that, due to his tight schedule, Koji will be unable to be present at the
61st Cannes International Film Festival for the screening day of "Tokyo Sonata", which has been named for
"Un Certain Regard". However, director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Teruyuki Kagawa and Kyoko Koizumi will
attend on this occasion.

April 24
he first teaser trailer for "Paco and the Magical Picture Book" is now available on the official website.  In
the understanding of Koji's fans, koji is always as handsome and sexy as in the roles of Nobu, Yasujiro and
Hara Jubei, for instance; but in this film... well, he is marvellous!

April 23
"TOKYO SONATA" directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa has been selected for
Un Ceratin  Regard at
the 61st Cannes International Film Festival.
Variety reports all the lineup for Cannes.

April 23
Koji's new Kirin Namacha (cold green tea) has recently started being shown on TV.  Here is its site.

April 21
Koji Yakusho's new TV commercials (Chuo Mitsui Trust Bank) started on April 19.
The background is that Koji feels moved, watching a film of a man on his retirement day.

April 14
On April 14 Koji Yakusho's official website announced that Koji was awarded the best actor award for "Zo
no Senaka" at the first International Madrid Film Festival (FilmaMadrid), which was held from March 28 to
April 5.

April 9
Would you like to see a scene photo from "Paco and the Magical Picture Book", which is due to be released
nationwide in Japan on September 13?
Here it is.  Can you tell where Koji Yakusho is?

April 7
A stimulating review of "Sakebi / Retribution".

March 23
Koji is on You Tube receiving his award at the Deauville Asian Film Festival."   (Thanks, ddp5373)

March 18
Koji Yakusho's official website was updated today.  Koji reported his participation in the Deauville Asian
Film Festival.
Here are two photos of Koji at the Film Festival on his own site. The Film Festival site itself
has 30 photos taken during the Festival, including three photos of Koji. Click the
Festival site and then click

March 14
Would you like to see what the trophy for the tribute at the Deauville Asian Film festival is like?  well, here
it is. Koji Yakusho's official website has just put the photo of the trophy which Koji received on March 13.

March 10
The R2 DVD of "Silk" will be released on May 23, 2008.  Reportedly it has special  features:making of Silk
footage (28 min.) Ryuichi Sakamoto in Silk (11min.), and trailer collection.

March 7
Koji Yakusho's official website was updated yesterday. The news is that on March 13, Koji will be awarded
tribute at the 10th
Deauville Asian Film Festival and that seven of Koji's films are to be shown there. Koji's
office says that he will attend on that accasion. Those seven films are:
Unagi / The Eel, Akaihashi no shitano
Nurui mizu / Warm Water under a Red Bridge) , Memoirs of a Geisha/ Sayuri, Babel, Eureka, Sakebi /
Retribution and
Zo-no Senaka /Walking My Life (International title).

I am especially happy at the news that Koji's latest film, Zou-no Senaka is included in the list.  I hear that
this film has sometimes been shown as "
Walking My Life" with English subtitles on Japan Airline
intertnational flights.

March 1
The about us page o
f Film Bridge International needs attention. It says:
"Combining with top Directing and Producing talent, FBI has expanded its feature film business. Along with
noted producer Jonathan Sanger (producer of "Vanilla Sky," "Mission Impossible II,""Elephant Man" and
the musical, "The Producers"), FBI is overseeing the financing for the WW II courtroom drama, "Beast of
Bataan" to be directed by Fred Schepisi  ("Empire Falls,""A Cry in the Dark""It Runs in the Family,"
Koji Yakusho will star in an ensemble cast."

February  28
I found an interesting website reporting about Hayden Christensen and "Beast of  Bataan."  On IMDb it is
reported that shooting of "Beast of Bataan" is due to begin late in February 2008 in Australia, but it seems
that has not happened. Meanwhile Hayden Christensen has made it clear that he intends to produce this fim
at some approapriate future date. A decision regarding the production schedule will be surely made before
too long.

Feburuary 27
Here is another site reporting "Gelatin Silver Love" with another nice photo
of the cast and director Kurigami.

February 26: Koji Yakusho's new film
It turned out today that Koji Yakusho is now participating in shooting a film, called, "Gelatin Silver Love"
, together with
Rie Miyazawa, Masatoshi Nagase and Yuki Amami. This is the first film by a famed
photographer and CM director Kazumi Kurigami aged 72.  Rie Miyazawa plays the role of  a beautiful
killer; Masatoshi Nagase plays the role of a photographer, who secretly continues taking photos of
Miyazawa's daily life as requested by Koji Yakusho.  This film is due to be released in 2009.
Here is
the article with the photo of Rie Miyazawa, Masatoshi Nagase and Koji Yakusho. (The photo can be
enlarged.)  More info about this film will be coming soon.

Here is
the info about this film from Tokyograph:
"Photographer Kazumi Kurigami is making his directorial debut with a movie titled "Gelatin Silver LOVE," which begins filming soon.
The movie stars Rie Miyazawa as a silver-haired killer, while Koji Yakusho plays a man who hires a cameraman (Masatoshi Nagase) to
secretly follow and videotape her. The connection between the three is gradually revealed over the course of the story.
"Gelatin Silver LOVE" is expected to see theatrical release in 2009."

February 21
The DVD of "Retribution" will be released in the US on April 15, 2008.

February 21
Sarudama's Japanese movie site has produced an interesting review on Sakebi/Retribution. Their description
about Koji Yakusho is quite noteworthy:

The lead role of Detective Yoshioka is played by Kurosawa's long-time favorite actor Koji Yakusho. Yakusho is a prolific and effective
actor appearing in many of Kurosawa's prior psycho-horror films as well as more recent international blockbusters such as "Babel". He
seems to excel in depicting highly contemplative characters in the midst of stark experiential turmoil. Here he convincingly play the
detective whose bounds of logic and experience are increasingly transgressed by inexplicable and damning encounters and discoveries.

February 18
Pymmik's unofficial translation of Koji Yakusho's February 14th comment about Kon Ichikawa's death on
February 13, 2008.

"I wouldn't be able to die without making your film", I remember director Ichikawa's making such a remark when I visited the Toho
filming studio while he was filming "The Inugamike-no Ichizoku窶拱n 2005.  His closest staff told me later that director Ichikawa was
talking happily about one of his newly projected films, mentioning its cast members, including me. I feel so sad. He was one of the
greatest directors. Last night around the time he died, I don't  know why but I was actually looking at those pictures of 窶廛ora-Heita窶
�drawn by director Ichikawa. It is a great pity that he has died.

February 16
According to the IMDb, the role of Ken in "Hachiko:A Dog's Story" will be taken by Cary-Hiroyuki
Tagawa, who played the role of the Baron in Memoirs of a Geisha".

February 16
The Guardian (UK)'s obituary about Kon Ichikawa is rich in detail. "Dora-Heita" is mentioned here:

In 2000, the chain-smoking director was awarded the Berlinale Camera award at the Berlin film festival, where he presented his latest
film, Dora-Heita, an entertaining samurai drama. "If Dora-Heita contributes to a revival of the costume-drama genre, which seems to
be just around the corner, I'll be very happy," he commented. "But my own project hasn't really changed. I always try to show human
beings the way they really are. That's what I always hope to achieve."

February 15
Together with the New York Times' obituary about Kon Ichikawa, you will see a photo of Koji Yakusho and
the director Ichikawa at the time of shooting "Dora-Heita" in 1999.

February 14
Here is the AP's obituary about director Kon Ichikawa. (Correction: not Keisuke Miyashita but Keisuke

Koji Yakusho made a comment about Ichikawa's death through his official website.

February 13
Director Kon Ichikawa died of pneumonia today in Tokyo. He was 92.  He directed Koji Yakusho in  "Dora-
Heita" (2000),  two episodes from a TV serial drama , "Bangaku no Issho"(2002) and the opening scene and
the last episode from a TV serial drama,
"Keiji Ou" (1996). Koji and director Ichikawa went to the 2000
Berlin International Film Festival to attend the showing of

February 10
"Zo-no Senaka" is now being shown at the Berlin Film Festival as Market Premiere. The film title that the
distributor Shochi has put for this film is not the literal English translation, The Back of the Elephant" but
"Walking My Life.

February 1
Nifty's interview (in Japanese) with Koji about "SILK". This is most detailed and interesting.

January 29
In the January 26 issue of the Mainichi Weekly, there's an exclusive English language interview with Koji
Yakusho about SILK under the title of "Global Stage".  
Interview ( 1 )  Interview  ( 2 )

January 28
Another interview ( in Japanese )with Koji Yakusho about SILK

Here's another interview (in Japanese) with Koji about "SILK". The photo can be enlarged.

January 17
Here's the interview (in Japanese) with Koji Yakusho about "SILK", which is due to be
released nation-wide from January 19.

January 17
On January 16, it was announced that Koji Yakusho would appear in Kirin's new type of "Namacha"
(special Japanese green tea in a plastic bottle ) commercials with Shun Oguri and Haruka Ayase. Here's
photo. This "Namacha" will be on sale from February 26, this year.

January 6
I have just set up the "Tokyo Sonata" page. I am going to add more in due course.

I have also set up Koji Yakusho's 2002 TV serial historical period drama,
"Bangaku no Issho/ Bangaku's
Life Story" page.

January 3
The official website for "Paco and the Magical Picture Book" can now be seen.

January 1, 2008
Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Koji Yakusho!

The DVD of "Aurora no Shitade/Under Aurora "(1990) will be released on March 21, 2008. Here is the
CDJapan site.

I have just heard that Koji Yakusho has written in his New Year cards to fans that his latest film will be
"Tokyo Sonata
" by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Source: TOKYOGRAPH
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