Mandoragora Doku no  
Tatsuya Nakadai: Nicia Calfucci

Kei Yamamoto: Ligurio

Kenichi Matsuno: Fra' Timoteo

Koji Yakusho: Callimaco Guadagno

Mai Okamoto: Lucrezia

Toru Masuoka: Siro
October 24 - November 15, 1981 at Sunshine Theater, Tokyo
Scinario: Niccolo Machiavelli

Translated by Makoto Oiwa

Directed and edited by  Ryu Tomoe
In 1504, a handsome and wealthy young man, named Callimaco (koji Yakusho), comes back to his
hometown, Florence, after living in Paris for nearly ten years.  He was supposed to settle down in
Paris, but now he has changed his mind.  The fact is tht he has fallen in love with a beautiful lady,
Lucrezia (Mai Okamoto), the beloved wife of Dr. Nicia (Tatsuya Nakadai), a noted celebrity in

Nicia and Lucrezia are a happily married couple, enjoying education, status, and fame, but not
blessed with children.  Sizing upon their shortcoming, Ligurio (Kei Yamamoto), a friend of
Callimaco has hit on an idea to let Callimaco to fulfill his desire.  The Key is to invent a secret fake
medicine, called mandragola, which is effective in removing sterility.  Reportedly with this medicine,
the French queen has been blessed with a crown prince.

But the problem is that the 'medicine' has got a serious side effect, that is, the first man who has
relations with the woman who has taken this medicine is destined to die exactly in eight days time.

The only method to solve this problem, (that is, so as to prevent Nocia from dying and for Lucrezia
to have a child) is for Lucrezia, after taking the medicine, to sleep with an unknown young man for
only one night.

Callimaco performs as this 'unknown young man' and is successfully sent to Lucrezia's bedroom
with her consent. ....

Nicia, Callimaco, and Lucrezia
Callimaco and Nicia
Callimaco and Lucrezia
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