Q: "You have appeared on TV and on the stage but it seems that you have always given films the
top priority.  We hear that it takes quite a lot of time to finish filming. And moreover, some of
your films have been low budget films. What is the main reason that you have become so involved
with films?"

A: "I surely made a debut on TV; and I still appear on TV and on the stage, but I would rather like
to work with films for a while. And that  it is surely a hard job.  But when I come to think that
those films in which I have appeared are now being shown in distant foreign countries, I feel very
happy. One of the pleasures of appearing in films is that after the filming sessions are over, the
films start 'walking by themselves' in various countries."

"And when I go to foreign film festivals, I am really happy to have strangers come up and speak to
me, saying that I have seen your such-and-such a film." To think that people in various countries
really enjoy my films is great fun. Moreover, thanks to my films, I have been given a number of  
film prizes; and for the  sake of such films I want to do my best. There is always a hope, in the case
of films, that they may be shown in movie theaters in various foreign countries."

"I have often asked which film character is very similar to my own, but there is not such a
character, which is similar to mine. All the characters I have portrayed are different. However,
when I am in the middle of shooting a film, I may feel that my role character is closest to my own."

Q: "It is often said in regard to actors that when they concentrate on their acting, they tend to have
the reflection of the characters they perform, even when they come home. You have appeared in
such films as comedy, horror, suspense, and romance, I bet that your family must be having a
tough time."

A: "I try to change my mood at work and at home, but I may be influenced by my film role
character even when I am at home. My family don窶冲 mention but they may think, 'Oh, a
different person has come back from work today."

When Koji  is off duty, it is his routine to take his dog, Petite (a nine-year-old female) for a walk.

Q:  "
Isn't there a possibility that some fans may recognize you-being such a famous actor-while
you are out walking your dog?"

A: "Never! While I am out walking my dog, I am merely an 'Ossan', that is to say, a very ordinary
working man."

Incidentally, I leave it to my wife to decide what I am to wear at home. Sometimes I spend all day
in my pyjamas when there is nothing special to do."

"My interests?  Actually I don't have any special interests that I am enthusiastic about, but I do
like woodwork. I like tools for woodwork so I collect knives for woodwork, made in various
foreign countries and make boxes. When I am free, I engage in making various kind of stuff, but I
can't say that I have any special hobbies."

Q: "Then your chief interest is your work?"
A: "Well,you may be right about that.

A Magazine Interview: Extracts from the "My 40's" April issue