Koji Yakusho News 7
(Nov. 7, 2005 -- Jan. 3 2007)
(From June 2001 to December 2007)
Updated on June 2, 2008
December 28
Here is Pymmik's
new page for "Mt. Tsurugidake"

December 26
The talk show by Koji Yakusho and the soundtrack music composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto ("SILK" and "BABEL") will be shown on
NHK TV from 0:06 on January 13, 2008!!   

December 26
I found
the official website for this "Mt. Tsurugidake"  On the news page, there are comments by Aoi Miyazaki, Koji Yakusho and
Daisaku Kimura.

December 25
Here is the info on Koji Yakusho's new film:

On Monday, Toei announced two additions to the movie "Tsurugidake: Ten no Ki." Koji Yakusho and Aoi Miyazaki are both
joining a cast that stars Tadanobu Asano, Teruyuki Kagawa, Ryuhei Matsuda and Toru Nakamura.
  Based on a novel by Jiro Nitta, the film is the directorial debut of veteran cinematographer Daisaku Kimura. The story, set in the
Meiji era, focuses on an exploration team in the Hida Mountains.
  Filming has been under way since April and is scheduled to continue until July 2008. Yakusho and Miyazaki will join around the
end of March.
  The movie is expected to open in 2009."


Sankei Sports" reports that Koji's role in this movie is that of a veteran former surveyor.
Tsurugidake: ten no ki The international title is "Mt. Tsurugidake".

December 19
The "Zo no Senaka/The Back of the Elephant"
DVD (The special edition and the standard edition) will be released on March 19,

December 19
On December 18 the nominees for the 31st Japanese Academy Awards were announced. Koji was nominated for the the best actor
award for "The Back of the Elephant".  The other best actor award nominees are Sadao Abe, Ryo Kase ( Soredemo Bokuwa
Yattenai), Joe Odagiri and HidetakaYoshioka.  "Soredemo Bokuwa Yattenai" was nominated for the best film award and
Masayuki Suo was nominated for the best director award.

Here is the
report about the 31st Japanese Academy Awards and here is the full list.

December 13
Koji Yakusho started his career as a historical period TV drama star in the early 1980s.  Here are two You Tube video
Miyamoto Musashi" (1984) and "Sanbikiga Kiru" /The Three for the Kill (1987). (Sanbikiga Kiru was deleted.)

December 10
If you want to watch Koji's TV commercials for AOKi, click here.  You can watch three versions. (This site was deleted.)

November 30
Koji Yakusho's office publicly announced that Koji won the 2007 Best Dresser Award.
Here are the photos.

November 29
Together with six others, Koji Yakusho has won the 36th Best Dresser Award given by the Japan Men's Fashion Association. The
award ceremony was held in Tokyo on Nov. 27 . Here is
the site for those people who won the 2007 best dresser award . Click here
for the photo taken at the ceremony.

November 23
I just found the video clip site of the audience greeting session by the main cast members before the showing of "SILK" at the
Tokyo Intetnational Film Festival on October 28. (This site was deleted.)

November 8
If you are interested in the storyline of "Hachiko:A Dog's story", click
It is still in the pre-production stage, though.

November 7
Here is
the latest info on "Beast of Bataan". It is the REUTERS/Hollywood Reporter news under the title of "Christensen retained
for Bataan Death March film" dated on Nov. 6.
It says, Koji Yakusho, who played the father of Rinko Kikuchi's character in "Babel," is in negotiations to portray Homma.
Willem Dafoe and William Hurt also are in talks to join the film.

Regarding the film shooting time and place, it also says, "The independently financed production is eyeing a February start date in
Australia. Fred Schepisi will direct from an adaptation of Lawrence Taylor's tome "A Trial of Generals.""

Here's another news site on this film.

November 7
I have just found a list of the cast members for this film on

Koji Yakusho  Masahura Homma
William Hurt  - Cast
Charlie Hunnam  - Cast
Willem Dafoe  - Cast
Hayden Christensen  - Cast

On the
Koji Yakusho page on the Hollywood com website, I have also found info on Koji's new film, entitled, "Hachiko: A Dog's
Story", co-starring with Richard Gere. This film is listed below "Beast of Bataan". The IMDb site for this film is here.

(November 3)
If you click
here, you will be able to see some nice photos of Koji and his wife, Saeko!
(Thanks, ddp5373)

(October 16)
You can now see the seven-minute long interview with Koji Yakusho about "The Back of the Elephant
on this site. You will see that
Koji has become extremely slim!  In some of the magazine interviews, Koji said that he had lost seven kilos before the shooting of
this film and another five kilos by the time of the shooting of Yukihiro's death scene.

(October 11)
The cover page
photo of the November issue of "MEN'S EX" is Koji Yakusho.
Lots of magazines now put interviews with Koji about "The Back of the Elephant/Zo no Senaka".

(September 28)
If you want to see the latest  photo of Koji,
here it is. Koji greeted the audience from the stage after the premiere showing of "The
Back of the Elephant" on September 27.

(September 20)
The opening ceremony of the first Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta) was held on September 19 in Tokyo and Koji
Yakusho as the
'main character' made a speech. You can see some photos of Koji.

On September 4,
Koji Yakusho was officially appointed to become "the symbolizing main character" for the first Japan
International Contents Festival (CoFesta) to be held from September 19 to October 28.

(September 1)
It was announced today that "SILK" was selected as the closing film at the 20th Tokyo International Film festival to be held from
October 20 to 28. (Source: Sports Hochi)

(August 22)
The official site for "Silk" is now open and we can see the trailer.

(August 22)
The DVD ( R 2 ) of "Argentine Hag" will be on sale on October 3, 2007.
It has no English subtitles!

(August 19)
I have just set up
the English translation page for the trailer for "The Back of the Elephant".

(August 18)
We can now see
the trailer for "The Back of the Elephant/Zo no Senaka."
Koji has lost weight ( 10 kilos) for this film.

What a day today!  We can now see the trailer for"SILK".
(August 21:
The Silk American trailer seems to have been put out a little early. It has been deleted from the yahoo movie site.  Let's
wait for a little while longer!)

(August 16)
Koji Yakusho's official website reported that on August 15, Koji finished shooting "The Back of the Elephant.  Here's
the photo of
the bouqet Koji was given by the filming staff.

(July 29)
Koji Yakusho's official website has now got
an English version with his biography and filmography.

(July 6)
Koji Yakusho has been chosen as the "main character" of the Japan International contents
Festival. (September 19, 2007 to October 28)
About this Festival, click
here.   About Koji Yakusho as the "main character", click here.
(It's in Japanese.)

(June 21)
The press conference for "
Zo no Senaka" was held today with the presence of director Satoshi Isaka, author Yasushi Akimoto,
Koji Yakusho and singer/actress Miki Imai. Here is
the photo. The filming will start in early July and end in late August. It is due
to be released on October 27, 2007. This
photo is also good!

(June 6)
Retribution/Sakebi by  Kiyoshi Kurosawa  will be shown during the 2007 New York Asian
Film Festival.

(June 2)                 
Koji Yakusho's son, Ichiro, in a movie.

If you want to see what Koji Yakusho's son Ichiro Hashimoto looks like, you should go to see a film, entitled,"Ore wa Kimino
Tamenikoso Shinini Iku" (For Those We Love) starring Keiko Kishi and Satoshi Tokushige (directed by Taku Shinjo), which has
been being shown nationwide in Japan since May 12. (
The Japan Times Review)

On May 8, Koji Yakusho fans became excited with the Nikkan Sports report that Ichiro Hashimoto (aged 21) had joined in the
shooting of this film. The Nikkan Sports states that Ichiro's cameo role in this film is that of a Kamikaze airplane pilot appearing
only in a couple of scenes.

The Nikkan Sports also reported that Ichiro applied for the audition for this film two years back, in 2005 without mentioning his
father, and that he passed it owing to his masculine outlook and very mature and polite attitude.

In a recent interview with Nikkan Sports, Ichiro, now a university student, mentions that he was impressed by the fact of this film
being based on the real story about the mother-like figure, Tome Torihama (played by
Keiko Kishi) who used to run a cafeteria
near the Kamikaze pilot air base at Chiran, in Kagoshima prefecture during the wartime. He therefore decided to apply for the
audition for this film. Ichiro said that he had learned quite a lot through the shooting of this film, adding that he had long been
interested both in movie staff work and in acting as his future career.

On his
official blog dated on May 9, under the title of "Our family's big happenings"  Koji Yakusho referred to Ichiro's
appearance in this film:
His son has joined in a movie study club at his university and has been doing various jobs relating to film-making, such as
directing, acting and lighting.

On the same blog, Koji gave a rather stunning piece of info in relation to his cameo appearance in the film, "Kokoro/Heart"
directed by Sho Tsukikawa, a Tokyo Art University post-graduate student. Everybody must have thought that he appeared in
Tsukikawa's film at the request of director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, a professor at that university; but Koji said that director Kurosawa
had actually been surprised to find Koji in this film. The truth was Sho Tsumikawa was a graduate from Ichiro's university and a
senior member of the same movie study club. Sho Tsukikawa and Ichiro were friends and he came to visit Ichiro's house quite
often. Therefore obviously Koji decided to appear in Tsukikawa's film at the request of Tsukikawa himself!

Talking of Keiko Kishi, she starred in Koji's first film,
"Hunter in the Dark" (1979).
In the same year, Koji appeared in a film,
"Eirei- tachi no Oenka" directed by Kihachi Okamoto as a Kamikaze pilot.

(May 30)
Koji Yakusho's next film seems to be "Pako to Mahou no Ehon" by Tetsuya Nakashima.
Here is the info from
TOKYOGRAPH. I wonder what sort of role Koji will play in this film!

Child model Ayaka Wilson has been chosen to play the heroine in "Pako to Mahou no Ehon" ("Pako and the Magical Picture
Book") a fantasy film directed by Tetsuya Nakashima ("Kamikaze Girls," "Memories of Matsuko").

This is the first acting role for the half-Canadian, half-Japanese 9-year-old, who began modeling at the age of 3. The part is a
difficult one - her character, Pako, has a memory limited to one day, due to an accident.

The rest of the movie's cast includes Koji Yakusho, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Anna Tsuchiya, and Sadao Abe.

Filming began on April 10. The movie is scheduled for a fall 2008 release."

(May 9)
On May 8 Koji Yakusho's official site announced that Koji has a small role in Sho Tsukikawa's film ,
"Kokoro (Heart)" , which is
due to be shown in Tokyo at the Euro Space movie theater in Shibuya, from May 19 to 24. This is one of six films directed by
Graduate School students of the Film Departmen of the Tokyo National Art University, where Kiyoshi Kurosawa teaches as a
professor. Koji appears in "Kokoro"  briefly as a psychiatrist.

Here is
the website for the six films by the University's Film Department. Professor/director Kiyoshi Kurosawa has written an
introduction to those films, which were made to commemorate the graduation of this group of Graduate School students.

(May 3)
Koji's official blog is actually a part of his official website. Click
here and you'll see
the larger photo of him.  Please enjoy thi super photo!

(April 30)
I was astonished to open the IMDb's "Beast of Bataan" site this morning.
The cast of this movie was announced and I found that Koji Yakusho would perform
the role of Gen. Masaharu Homma!

On April 18 Koji's office announced that he had started shooting a new fim. IMDb still says that "Beast of Bataan" is in the
"pre-production" stage. Has the production of this film really started?  I wonder if it is true. One clue is that Koji Yakusho did not
turn up at the Japan premiere of "Babel" which was  held in Tokyo on April 26.  Koji may be overseas now.

(April 26)
Koji Yakusho's official website has become
the official  blog.
Please click the URL and you'll see his new photo.

(April 21 )
Koji Yakusho's official website was renewed on April 18.  The press have previously announced that Koji Yakusho's next film,
"Zou no Senaka" (The Back of an Elephant)
is due to be filmed in early July.  However, the April 18 news is that there was actually another film planned prior to "Zou no
Senaka" and that Koji had already participated in shooting this film. His site says that this other film will be released in 2008 and
that Koji's role is a type that he has never performed before.

Let's wait and see what sort of movie this new film will prove to be!

(April 13)
On April 10 the press announced that Koji Yakusho's next film would be
"Zou no Senaka"(The Back of an Elephant), which is due
to be released in Autumn 2007.
Koji's role is that of a 48-year-old real estate company project department chief, named Yukihiro Fujiyama.  The drama starts
when Fujiyama is diagnosed as having lung cancer and is told that he will die within six months. Fujiyama declines any life
enhancing treatment ...

(April 7)
Here is Koji's new TV commercial for AOKI.

(March 30)
An interview with Koji Yakusho on "Argentine Hag" (No video clip)

(March 21)
On March 13 Koji Yakusho's official website reported that the magazines listed below (with dates given in parentheses) would have
feature pages on 'Babel.' As a matter of fact, Koji did mention on January 29 that he had been quite busy with magazine interviews
for his new movies, 'Soredemo Boku wa Yattenai'  (I Just Did Not Do It), 'Sakebi' (Scream or Retriution), 'Argentine Baba'
(Argentine hag)and 'Babel'.  I, therefore, expect that we will be able to read more about 'Babel' and Koji's thoughts on this movie
in these magazines viz:-

Switch (April 20)
Plus Act  (April 2)
Kinema Jumpo
TV Life (April 25)
Screen (April 21) and the 'Babel' special edition of Screen (April 18)
Lee (April 7 )
Terebi Taro (March 24)
(March 21)
'Argentine Hag' will be released on March 24 in Japan. Director Naoki Nagao, Koji Yakusho, Kyoka Suzuki and Maki Horikita
will greet the audience at two movie theaters in Tokyo on the opening day.

You can watch
a video clip of the interview with Koji Yakusho and Kyoka Suzuki.
Please click  (1Mbps) under the picture.

(March 9)
Please enjoy the video clip of the press conference  for
"Babel" , which was held on March 7 in Tokyo.  There is also the video clip
for "Argentine Hag", when the cast and director Nagao greeted the audience from the stage at the time of the premire showing.
Click the picture of Koji Yakusho, Kyoka Suzuki and Maki Horikita which is under  the picture of "Babel" .

Koji  is on
the cover of the April issue of a magazine named, "Straight".  There's  a five-page interview with him about

(March 8)
On March 7 the press conference for "Babel"  was held in Tokyo with the following persons present; director Inarritu, Koji
Yakusho, Rinko Kikuch and Satoshi Nikaido. Here's
the photo.

This site has got more detailed comments and photos. The site reports that each person was asked to write one word on the board
to express the message of "Babel".

Here are the words.  (Japanese in parentheses).
Director Inarritu; Compassion
Koji Yakusho; Human ties (Kizuna)
Rinko Kikchi; Forgiveness (Yurushi)
Satoshi Nikaido; Soul (Tamashii)

(March 1)
Koji Yakusho did not attend the Oscar ceremony which was held on February 25 in Hollywood. Instead he attended the three
greeting -the audience- sessions for his new starring movie, "Sakebi (Scream) /Retribution" directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa on
February 24 in Japan.

I was able to see Koji Yakusho greeting the audience immediately after this movie was over at a theater called TOHO Cinemas
Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture, around 17:30. Here is
the photo, taken at Cine Sezon Shibuya Theater in Shibuya, Tokyo on the
afternoon of Feb. 24.  I was enthralled  by Koji's peformance in this horror movie and enjoyed Koji's speech to the theater
audience after the showing. If you want to see the full trailer of this movie, click
here .(Twitch film. net)

The BAFTA awards were announced!  The best film was "The Queen".  As for "Babel",
Mr. Gustavo Santaolalla was awarded THE ANTHONY ASQUITH AWARD for Achievement in Film Music. Congratulations!

(Feb. 11)
If you click
here, you can watch Koji's short commercial movie for Chuo Mitsui Shintaku Bank. It is entitled, "Mr. Y's six
dreams."  It's all in Japanese but surely you can enjoy Koji's superb acting!  Please click each of the columns, and wait!"

I was stunned to find this piece of info on
Hollywood. com. site as well as Film Bridge International site. On his renewed website,
Koji Yakusho recently mentioned that the plans for shooting a new film, which was supposed to be taking place during February
and March had been sent back to the drawingboard.  Does he mean this film, "Beast of Bataan"?  Well, let's wait and see!

the Twitch Film net, I found that Kiyoshi Kurosawa's "Ningen Gokaku/License to Live" is to be shown in the UK, together
with five other Japanese films. Koji Yakusho co-stars in this film as Fujimori.

The six selected films  are:

Hush! (Ryosuke Hashiguchi)
Sway/Yureru (Miwa Nishikawa)
Hanging Garden/Kuchu-Teien (Toshiaki Toyoda)
A Laughing Frog/Warau Kaeru (Hideyuki Hirayama)
License to Live/Ningen Gokaku (Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
Canary/Kanaria (Akihiko Shiota)

The Twitch Film net introduces the following comment:
"Does modern Japanese cinema have more to it than ghosts, guns and gangsters? The 4th Japan Foundation touring film
programme concentrates on the idea of family in modern Japan and aims to showcase an alternative to the Japanese films that we
are usually exposed to in the West. From comedy, to drama, to social criticism, the programme tries to portray the change in
attitudes and relationships in today's'Japanese society. "

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