Kitsutsuki to Ame (2012)
The Woodsman and the Rain
Created on August 1, 2011
Updated on February 18, 2013)
Tokyograph (April 8, 2011):
Yakusho Koji, Oguri Shun team up for Kitsutsuki to Ame.

In February, Kadokawa Pictures announced a movie called Kitsutsuki to Ame as part of its 2011-2012 lineup.
Details about the project were released today, revealing that Yakusho Koji (55) and Oguri Shun (28) will be
playing the lead roles. This is their first time appearing on-screen together.

Directed by Okita Shuichi (Nankyoku Ryourinin, the movie is an original comedy that Okita wrote in
collaboration with Moriya Fumio. Oguri plays a faint-hearted rookie movie director named Koichi who takes his
film crew to a mountain village for a shoot. The villagers wind up getting involved, and in particular, Koichi
meets a lumberjack named Katsuhiko (Yakusho) and forces him to help out with the movie.

Other cast members include Kora Kengo, Usuda Asami, Ibu Masato, and Yamazaki Tsutomu.

Filming is expected to finish in late April, with theatrical release planned for later this year.


February 18, 2013
The DVD for "The Woodsman and the Rain" (UK version with English subtitles) is now available.
(Release date:2013-02-10)

July 21,2012
On July 20 "The Woodsman and The Rain" was shown at the Japan Cuts Film Festival sponsored by Japan
Society in New York City.
Here's a an impressive
film review by Twitch Film com.

January 18
The premiere for "Woodsman and the Rain" was held today in Tokyo with the presence of  Director Shuichi
Okita, Koji Yakusho, Shun Oguri, Masato Ibu and Kanji Furudate.  Here's
the photo site.

January 9, 2012
The official site for "Kitsutsuki to Ame" has been updated, and we can now see more amusing scene photos.  
It's fun to see those photos and we can now tell the other cast members's roles.

December 18, 2011
Koji Yakusho won the Best actor award for "
The Woodsman and the Rain at the Dubai International Film

December 12
We can now see
the full trailer for "Woodsman and the Rain".

October 30
"The Woodsman and the Rain" won the Special Jury prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Here is
the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival list of winners.

The photo gallery for "The Woodsman and the Rain" press conference at T.I.F.

October 15
The official website for this film has been updated.  Here's its trailer.

September 20
The 24th Tokyo International Film Festival office has just announced  tha
t "Kitsutsuki to Ame" has been
selected as one of the competion films. Reportedly "Kitsutsuki to Ame" is the only Japanese film selected for
the competition in this festival.

August 1, 2011
I have just foun
d a picture of Koji Yakusho and Shun Oguri in "Ktsutski to Ame".
Reportedly this film will be released in February, 201
Koji Yakusho: Katsuhiko
Shun Oguri: Koichi
Tsutomu Yamazaki   
Masato Ibu   
Kengo Kora   
Asami Usuda
Directed by Shuichi Okita
Koji Yakusho and Shun Oguri in
"Kitsutsuki to Ame"