Koji Yakusho: Kentaro Sawaki
Hiroshi Fuse: Naoji Majima
Mieko Harada: Sakurako Matsui
Directed by Kon Ichikawa,  Eiichi Kudo, Koreyoshi Kurahara
Shinichiro Sawai, Toshio Masuda,Shinji Matsubara
Seiji Izumi, Junya Sato, Toru Murakawa, Yasuo Kirihata
Masanobu Deme  
Koji Yakusho (Sawaki) and Hiroshi Fuse (Majima)
"Keiji Ou!" started on TV on April 8 (Mon) , 1996 and ended on September 23 in the same year.  It
has 25 episodes.

Yakusho points out two reasons why he decided to appear in this serial TV drama:
one reason being that there were  many well-known movie directors, such as Kon Ichikawa, Eiichi
Kudo , Koreyoshi Kurahara, and Yasuo Kirihata; and the other reason being that there were excellent
scenario writers.

His role in this drama is that of 40-year-old Kentaro Sawaki, a police detective,who detests
the organization of the police, and tends to go his own way, like a lone wolf. As a result, his position is
still that of  an assistant police inspector, while his colleague Majima has been promoted to an

Yakusho fans used to look forward to this drama once a week: each time Yakusho showed a slightly
different characterization of Sawaki, as indicated by the directors. Viewers  were able to see various
aspects of Sawaki: angry, hard-boiled, soft, lonely, sympathetic and affectionate.  
Keiji Ou! /Ken and Nao (1996)
Episode 1: Futari No Onna/Two Women          Director: Koreyoshi kurahara                  
** The video for this episode is available.
keiji: police detective
ou: to chase
On February 13, 2008, Director Kon Ichikawa died of pneumonia at the age of 92.
Kon Ichikawa diecting Hiroshi Fuse (left) and Koji Yakusho (right)
for the opening scene of "Keiji Ou" (1996)

Source: Asahi Shimbun
Updated on February 18, 2008
Koji Yakusho (Sawaki) and Mieko Harada (sakurako)