Kamikaze Taxi (1995)

Koji Yakusho: Kantake Kazumasa
Tatsuya Takahashi:Tatsuo
Reiko Katayama: Tama
Mickey Curtis: Animaru
Naito Taketoshi: Domon
                                                                                        Pymmik's comment

In an interview, Yakusho says that he decided to appear in "Kamikaze Taxi" for two reasons: first that he had long wanted to work with Masato
Harada, and secondly that he had become fascinated with Kantake, the hero of the film, who reminded him of the wind.

Without any knowledge about Koji Yakusho, people might think that he is a real Japanese Peruvian, who has come to Japan to work as a taxi
driver. To such an extent, Yakusho's acting in this film is really something: his emotionless looks and his faltering foreign manner of speaking
Japanese are very attractive.

One of the interesting points about this film is the process whereby the taxi driver's mysterious past becomes unrolled by the people he meets.  
Who could imagine that Kantake has actually come over to Japan intent on taking revenge on a certain influential politician?

Everybody seems to agree that Yakusho's acting comes out best when Kantake confesses his cruel past in the Andess: what had happened to his
father, then a physician but once a Kamikaze pilot in wartime Japan, during the guerillas' attack on his village. Yakusho's talk about his past
stimulates viewers' imagination vividly and successfully.
The DVD for Kamikaze Taxi with English subtitles is available.(Region 1 only)

August 23, 2011
Director Masato Harada's official site has announced that the DVD for "Kamikaze Taxi" (Region 2)
will be on sale on November 2, 2011.  
Updated on August 31, 2011