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Higurashi no ki (2014)
 A Samurai Chronicle

Release date: October 4, 2014

On March 11, it was announced that Hamuro Rin's award-winning novel ‘Higurashi no Ki‘ is going to be adapted
into a film by director Koizumi Takashi (‘After the Rain’, ‘Best Wishes for Tomorrow’).

The period drama that depicts the love between a master and his pupil, the love between a husband and wife, and the
love between the members of a family --is going to star Yakusho Koji as the protagonist. The supporting cast is lead
by V6 member Okada Junichi --a long-time fan of Yakusho  as well as the two actresses Horikita Maki and Harada

‘Higurashi no Ki’ received the prestigious Naoki Award in 2012 and Asada Jiro, member of the Naoki Award
selection committee, described it as the highest level of completion he had ever read. Director Koizumi who served as
an assistant director of the late Kurosawa Akira for 28 years, is very ambitious about this project and visited author
Hamuro to share his vision for the adaptation. Koizumi also brought along many of the staff that had already worked
together with him and Kurosawa on numerous films.

“Danno Shozaburo” (Okada) caused a bloody affair within a castle. Fortunately, he was able to escape from
committing ‘Seppuku’, but he was ordered to keep a watch on a man named “Toda Shukoku” (Yakusho) until the
man will perform Seppuku 3 years later.

Shukoku has been confined with his family since 7 years ago under a suspicion for having illicit liaisons with a
concubine of a former feudal lord, and also for killing a page who discovered the infidelity. Under normal
circumstances, he should be ordered to perform Seppuku right away, however, he was in the middle of recording a
genealogical table for the feudal domain. Therefore, Shukoku’s Seppuku was postponed to be committed 10 years
later until he finishes making the genealogy.

Doing the job, Shukoku would know all the secrets of the federal domain, so Shozaburo's job was to keep an eye on
Shukoku, and he was also ordered to kill Shukoku and his family if Shukoku ever tries to escape.

However, as Shozaburo actually lives together with Shukoku, his wife “Orie” (Harada), his daughter “Kaoru”
(Horikita), and his son “Ikutaro”, he starts having doubts if Shukoku really committed such a crime, and he begins
searching for the truth of the case.

‘Higurashi no Ki’ is slated for a release in 2014 and will be filmed in 10 different locations all over the country from
the end of April until the end of June this year.


January 28, 2-15
Here's the
A Samurai Chronicle page of  CD Japan.

January 19, 2015
The Blue-ray & DVD for "Higurashi no Ki" / A Samurai Chronicle will be on sale on April 15, 2015.
Reportedly it is world-wide region-free!

October 5, 2014
On October 4, “A Samurai Chronicle” (Higurash no Ki) was released
nationwide. Director Takashi Koizumi, Koji Yakusho, Junichi Okada,
Maki Horikita and Mieko Harada greeted the audience from the stage at a movie
theater in Tokyo.
At that time hand-prints of  Koji Yakusho and Mieko Harada were
made so as to be displayed at the square “Nemu no Sato” in Hibiya in
Tokyo, where lots of famous actors and actresses’ hand-prints are
displayed. Here’s
the photo. The hand-prints are to be shown in November.

November 18, 2014 :These photos of  Koji Yakusho (left) and Mieko Harada (right)'s hand-prints were
taken by pymmik on November 16.

September 17, 2014
On September 10,
the official site for "Higurashi no Ki" reports that the main cast members of this film
have met Empress Michiko at the movie's preview screening event which was held for the 'Great East
Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Charity'. Koji Yakusho watched the movie, sitting next to
Empress Michiko.

September 10, 2014
The official website for "Higurashi no Ki" has been updated.  We can now see some of the other cast
members and more scene pictures. Other cast members are : Shinobu Terashima, Hisashi Igawa, Kazumi
Kushida, Shiro Mifune and Munetaka Aoki.
Koji Yakusho: Toda Shukoku
Junichi Okada:Danno Shozaburo
Maki Horikita: Toda Kaoru
Mieko Harada:Toda Orie
Shinobu Terashima:
Written by Rin Hamuro
Directed by Takashi Koizumi
Music: Takashi Kako

128 minutes
Koji Yakusho as Shukoku Toda