Hana no Ran (NHK TV  1994)
Koji Yakusho as Ibuki Saburo
Nobutsuna. He appears in this
serial drama at the latter half of the
Created on January 6, 2009
Mita Yoshiko: Hino Tomiko
Matsu takako: Hino Tomiko (Girlhood)
Ichikawa Danjuro: Ashikaga Yoshimasa
Ichikawa Shin-nosuke: Ashikaga Yoshimasa
Ashikaga Yoshihisa: Matsuoka Masahiro
Kyo Machiko: Hino Shigeko
TairaYoshie: Hino Mitsuko
Kusakari Masao: Hino Katsumoto
Yorozuya Kin-nosuke: Yamana Sozen
Nomura Mansai: Hosokawa Katsumoto
Okuda Eiji: Ikkyu Soujun
Dan Fumi: Shinjusha
Yakusho Koji:Ibuki Saburo Nobutsuna
Kuroda Yuki: Ibuki Saburo (Boyhood)
Tsuruta Mayu: Odachi Sanko
Katase Rino: Imamairino Tsubone
Wikipedia: Hana no Ran (Japanese)
37 episodes: April 3 - December 25, 1994
SamuraiWiki: List of NHK Taiga Drama (1963  - 2008)
SamuraiWiki : Hino Tomiko (1440-1496)
Tomiko was the daughter of Hino Shigemasa, born in Yamashiro province. She became the wife of
the 8th Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa at age 16 in 1455. She had her first child on the ninth day of
the first month of 1459, however the child died the same day. Unlike her passive husband, who had
very little interest in political affairs, Tomiko was savvy and manipulative, and placed the blame for
the child's death on the wet-nurse, Imamairi no Tsubone, whom she exiled to Oki island on lake
Biwa (Imamairi no Tsubone committed suicide on the way).

By the mid 1460's, Yoshimasa had decided that he didn't want to be bothered with the duties of
office and decided to rescind his position of Shogun. However, as Tomiko had not born him a male
heir, he convinced his younger brother, Ashikaga Yoshimi, to first assist him in office, and then
gradually claim the title of Shogun. Tomiko was averse to this, but at the time had no leverage to
contest the appointment, until a year later, when she gave birth to the future Ashikaga Yoshihisa.
With her standing in the Hino family, and backed by Yamana Sozen, two factions developed in the
capital, one faction supporting the newly appointed Shogun, Yoshimi, and the other supporting the
succession of Yoshihisa. Thus, this desire of lady Tomiko to place her son in line for the succession
[led] eventually to conflict in the land,[1] and
the Onin War began.
                                                Brief synopsis
Koji Yakusho's role is that of Ibuki Saburo Nobutsuna, who was brought up together with a girl
named Tsubaki  as if they were brother and sister in a small vilage called "Tsubaki (camelia) no
Sho" near Kyoto. Saburo's father was a village chief and decided to bring up a baby found
abandoned near his village by a travelling priest named Ikkyu Shojun (Okuda Eiji): the baby was
named Tsubaki after the village name.

This baby was abandoned by the local lord family, the Hinos,
as the baby's mother, Hino Mitsuko (Taira Yoshie), gave birth to this baby girl as a result of  being
raped by a mysterious mountain man named Shutendoji (Matsumoto Koshiro).

In due course the young girl Tsubaki was taken back to her real paretnts' home because her
one-year-old  younger sister Tomiko suddenly  lost sight because of high fever when she was five.
Traditionally the Hinos' daughter had been supposed to get married to the eldest son of the
Ashikaga Shogunate.

Tsubaki was now needed to replaceTomiko to get married to the future shogunate,Yoshimasa .
(Since she had to disappear from the scene, poor blind Tomiko left home to be out of the way and
went on a journey with the priest Ikkyu.)

It was long afterTomiko (Mita Yoshiko) bacame Yoshimasa's wife that Saburo met Tsubaki again
in his village:Tomiko suddenly felt nostalgic to her childhood days and visited Tsubaki no Sho...
Screenplay: Ichikawa Shinichi
Music: Saegusa Nariaki

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