Created on April 5, 2003
On this website, you can mainly see pages on Koji Yakusho's profile, latest news
about himself, latest info on his new films, a complete filmography with comments,
synopsis & photos; a list of videos & DVDs of his films; his TV drama and stage
play appearance records, together with comments & photos.

As far as I was concerned, until 1996, Koji Yakusho had merely been just one of
many favorite TV drama actors; but since I happened to see "Shall We Dance?"
and "Sleeping Man" in February of that year,  Koji Yakusho has become for me
a 'special' actor.  I am fascinated by his superb acting in these two films!  Being
interested in his acting, I soon started viewing videos of his earlier films, starting
with the first film, "Yami no Karyudo/The Hunter in the Dark" 1979, and also
began trying to collect as many magazines and books as possible that contained
items about Koji Yakusho and his films or interview reports or transcriptions.  

It goes without saying that I was enthralled by his handsome looks and soothing
pleasant baritone voice which conveys convincingly well the feelings of the
characters that he performs. I am also attracted by the amiable character of this
marvellous actor.

In the process of doing research about everything on Koji Yakusho, I came to
know that it was mainly due to the films, "Shall We Dance?" and "Unagi/The Eel
1997 that Koji Yakusho started gaining fans overseas.  Soon after I began using the
internet in the spring of 1999, I was stunned to find on English websites some
inaccurate information about his films, as well as about Koji Yakusho himself.

The existence of such inaccuracies on the web determined me boldly to set up my
own English fan website on Koji Yakusho, with the purpose of conveying to his
overseas fans some more correct information.  When I finally set up my English
website in August, 1999, I felt as if I had launched my own "Voyager II",
endeavoring to communicate with English-speaking "aliens" in cyber space!

Please enjoy my website.



April 5, 2003


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