Gelatin Silver, Love
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Rie Miyazawa:                                                                               To be released in early March, 2009
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Directed by Kazumi Kurigami

February 26, 2008
Nippon Cinema reports:
arlier today (February 25,) renowned Japanese photographer Kazumi Kurigami held a press
conference at Cinema Jack & Betty movie theater to announce production of his directorial
debut entitled Gelatin Silver Love. Also in attendance were the film's stars, Masatoshi
Nagase, Rie Miyazawa, and Koji Yakusho. "Gelatin silver" is a reference to the process of
developing black and white photographs and in the film Rie Miyazawa wears a silver-colored
wig which she showed off at the press conference.

In the script Yakusho's character hires a photographer played by Nagase to secretly follow a
killer (Miyazawa). As the story develops there is relatively little dialogue as the audience
observes much of what happens through his lens. Production begins this month with release
expected in 2009.

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September 2, 2009
"The DVD for "Gelatin Silver, Love" will be on sale on September 18.

March 7, 2009
"Gelatin Silver, Love" was released on March 7.  I went to see the film on March 14 at a
cinema in Ginza, Tokyo. Koji Yakusho's appearance in the film is brief but...
a nice photo of him at the time of the press conference held on February 25, 2008.

January 26
"Gelatin Silver, Love" will be released on March 7 (Sat.) in Tokyo and several local cities in

January 16, 2009
Each page of the "Gelatin Silver Love" official site has now fully opened.

November 19, 2008
On November 17,
the first screening of "Gelatin Silver, Love" was held in Tokyo and the
Director Kazumi Kurigami, Rie Miyazawa, and Masatoshi Nagase greeted the audience from
the stage.  Here's
the first picture from the film.
On this occasion it was announced that the theme song for this movie is sung by a famous
Japanese singer and song writer Yosui Inoue.
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