Tokyo: October 15 - November 4, 1996, Parco Theater
Osaka: November 8 - 17, 1996, Theater Drama City

Koji Yakusho: Miyamoto Musashi
Toru Masuoka: Sasaki Kojiro
Kyouka Suzuki: Otsuru
Takashi Kobayashi: Arita Kyuemon
Masako Miyaji: Osun
Takehiko Ono: Sasuke
Playwright: Koki Mitani
Director: Kazuya Yamada
In this drama, Koji Yakusho played the role of Miyamoto Musashi, but this Musashi  character
was quite different from that of the Musashi, which he portrayed in the NHK TV serial drama
from  April, 1984 to March, 1985.

This "Ganryujima" drama is a parody of the traditional and legendly Miyamoto Musashi figure:
the characterization of Musashi here is that he is unpunctual, untrustworthy, and in fact,a

The drama begins on Ganryujima island, on the very morning when the dual against Sasaki
Kojiro is about to be fought. Sasaki Kojiro (Toru Masuoka) is waiting for Musashi on the shore
of Ganryujima, but there is no sign of Musashi, so Kojiro is irritated, and decides on going to
meet Musashi at the inn where he is staying, believing that a person doing this sort of considerate
act will end up winning the dual after all.

When Kojiro steps into Mussahi's room, he is astonished to find that Musashi is suffering from a
hangover, quarreling with his mistress, Otsuru (Kyoka Suzuki), and moreover, Musashi seems to
have been told the wrong dual time. Kojiro tries to make every sort of possible effort to urge
Musashi to go to Ganryujima, but in vain, since various incredible happenings prevent Musashi
from leaving the inn...

While Sasaki Kojiro is depicted as a nervous, meticulous figure,  Musashi comes across as quite
easy-going and sloppy.  Actually every remark that they utter and everything that they do makes
the audience burst into laughter.

In the end, Sasaki Kojiro decides to become Musashi's disciple and they go off travelling
together, leaving the dual to the inn's master, Sasuke as representing Musashi and Otsuru's
ex-husband, Arita Kyuemon as representing Sasaki Kojiro.
Otsuru, Musashi, and Kojiro
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