Bounce koGals ( 1997)
Hitomi Sato ... Jonko
Yasue Sato ... Rakuchan
Yuko Okamoto ...Lisa
Koji Yakusho ... Oshima
Momoi Kaori ...  Saki
Micky Curtis
Runtime: 109 mints
Release Date: October 25,1997
Directed by Masato Harada
Writing credit: Masato Harada
If you see Masato Harada's "Bounce koGals" without any knowledge about the cast, I bet that
you wouldn't identify him the man called Oshima as Koji.  In this film Koji Yakusho appears
with blue-tinted glasses wearing a smart suit.  His appearance is very intellectual, but his
profession is actually that of a yakuza (gangster), who owns various entertainment shops and
bars, including the one called "CHE" in Shibuya, Tokyo; he was a politically left-wing
university student in Tokyo and admired CHE Guevara in the early 1970s.

Oshima is not a main figure in this film.  The main characters are three high school girls,
Jonko, Raku-chan and Lisa.  Oshima intervenes Jonko and her company's activities, which do
prostitution to get money to buy brand-goods, and the like.  He laments in front of one of those
high school girls who has followed him in a hotel room that those high school girls action has
recently ruined his business. Oshima in his middle forties with a teenage daughter at home
looks puzzled at their motives, too.

Koji says that he agreed to join the cast of Masato Harada's new film, since he liked his films
and worked with him in a 1995 film called "Kamikaze Taxi", where he played a role of a
Japanese Peruvian taxi-driver working in Tokyo.

One last thing to say: there is a scene in which Koji sings "The International" with Jonko
in his bar using karaoke facilities.  It's fun to hear his old girl friend's comment at a later scene
that policemen used to nag student-demonstrators while they were singing "The International",
saying that they were always out of tune at one part.
Oshima (Yakusho) and Saki         (Kaori
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