Ekiro (2009)
Tokyograph (December 8, 2008):

Fuji TV plans to air a two-hour drama titled "Ekiro," based on Seicho Matsumoto's short story of the same name. The show boasts
Koji Yakusho and Eri Fukatsu as its leads, Shigemichi Sugita ("Kita no Kuni Kara") as director, and a screenplay written by the late
Kuniko Mukoda roughly 30 years ago for a TV adaptation.

In "Ekiro," a bank employee suddenly goes missing right after his retirement. Yakusho stars as the veteran detective in charge of
the investigation, who is on the verge of retirement himself. All he seems to uncover are more mysteries, but one woman (Fukatsu)
comes up during the investigation, and it seems that she may hold the key to the man's disappearance.

Fuji TV has indicated that the drama will air next spring.
Created on February 9, 2009
Updated on April 1, 09
Koji Yakusho: Detective Yobuno
Eri Fukatsu: Keiko Fukumura
Tae Kimura: Yoshiko Fukumura
Sousuke Takaoka: Tatsuo Yakazaki
Hiromi Kitagawa: Yuko Yobino
Kengo Oguch: Detective Kitao

Koji Ishizaka: Teiichi Koozuka
Yukiyo Toake: Yuriko Kozuka
Based on a short story
Seicho Matsumoto
of the same title
Screenplay by
Kuniko Mukoda
Directed by Shigemitsu Sugita

"Ekiro" (1965/08/03) published
by Shincho-sha
April 1
"Ekiro" will be on air from 21:00 to 23:10 on April 11.

March 16
The "Ekiro" site has been updated and all the characters in this TV drama can be seen now. Some photos
of Koji Yakusho as detective Yobino is breathtaking!

February 11, 2009
2009 is the centinary of Seicho Matsumoto's birth: he was born in Japan on December 21, 1909, in
Fukuoka prefecture. To commemorate this centinary, various
movies and TV dramas are due to be shown
in 2009. "Ekiro" is one of those projects. It is warmly anticipated  in the sense that Koji Yakusho will be
appearing in a TV drama for the first time in five years; his last TV drama was
"Toride Naki Mono" (TV
Asahi) in 2004.

The literal meaning of "Ekiro" is road to railway station, which is used symbolically in this story by Seicho
Matsumoto with the connotation that one's carreer life is approaching its final goal, retirement.
The premiere showing of "Ekiro"
was held n Daiba, Tokyo on March 26, 2009
Eri Fukatsu and Koji Yakusho at the press conference
on March 26, 2009