Early Autumn / Shoshu
13:00 - 16:54,October 8, 2011
Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Company (CBC),
Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)
Created on April 10, 2012
Updated on October 12, 2012
A widower, Matsubara has felt empty since his daughter's marriage. He has raised her all by himself. He goes
to Kyoto to see his old friends because he wants something like solace. His friend, Yamabe confers on his
daughter Reiko, who is supposedly employed at an exclusive nightclub and holds suspicious parties every
night. This intrigues Matsubara to seek the truth. In his adventure, he finds Reiko already grown up, a
stunningly beautiful lady! He ends up seeing her as a man in love would do! Will this be the start of a fairy
tale or a nightmare? (Based on the 52nd Monte-Carlo TV Festival )


In his blog on October 11, Director Masato Harada wrote that on October 8, his 2011 TV drama, "Early
Autumn", starring Koji Yakusho, was nominated in the TV
Movie/Mini-Series for the 2012 International
Emmy Award.

The following four TV dramas have been nominated:

Black Mirror
Channel Four Television / Zeppotron

Early Autumn
Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting / Shochiku Co. Ltd.

The Good Men
TV Globo / Rede Globo / Casa de Cinema de POA

L'Infiltr? (The Lying Game)
Breakout Films / Aperto Films / Sirena Film / Canal+
FranceTV Movie/Mini-Series

June 29
Chubu Nippon Broadcasting Company has set up
a site (both in Japanese and English) to inform that Masato
Harada won the Best Director Award for  "Early Autumn"  at the 52nd Monte -Carlo TV  Festival.

Director Masato Harada was awarded the Best Director Award for "Early Autumn" (Shoshu)
at the 52nd Monte-Carlo TV Festival on June 15.

On June 14 Koji Yakusho attended the Monte-Carlo TV Festival with Director Masato Harada.
A photo of them together with a  photo of the people concerned in the Festival standing on the Festival stage
appears on Koji Yakusho's official website.
Matsubara (Koji Yakusho) and Reiko (Noriko Nakagoshi)
Koji Yakusho:Shinpei  Matsubara
Noriko Tsukagoshi: Beko / Reiko
Midoriko Kimura:Sakurako Hirayama
Den- Den:KyosukeYamabe
Ryo Iwamatsu:Shukichi Shigemune
Hajime Inoue
Senkichi Sasaki
Shiho Fujimura
Director: Masato Harada
Writer: Yasushi Inoue (Based on his
novel, "Kogoeru Ki"
Grand Prize for TV dramas
at Arts Festival by Japanese
Agency for Cultural Affairs

Silver Hugo
Feature Length Telefilm
at the 2012 Chicago
International Film Festival