Daiojo (Dying a Peaceful Death)

The old people in a nursing home called Tenjinso, enjoy themselves playing "Funeral" for
themselves; it seems that it is their only entertainment. They are also interested in finding a
special medecine called DEM30, which is rumoured to be very effective in stopping senile

One day the old people at Tenjinso hear the infomation that a wealthy man in Akita prefecture
has succeeded in getting this medicine, which is to be available to those admitted to membership
of the club at a price of half a million yen.

On hearing this, some of the old people start trying to get the medicine for one of their friends
who is dying of very serious dementia...

"Daiojo" is based on a novel by Rokusuke Ei.
The director & playwright is Hiroshi Fujita, who co-starred with
Koji Yakusho in "Shabu Gokudo" (1996).
The actors and actresses in this film are all young people in
Fujita's dramatic company..

Running time is 105 mins.
Koji Yakusho's role in this film is that of an undertaker,called Ikebe.
Shortly after the film begins, we hear his pleasant deep voice. He announces that the funeral for
one of the Tenjinso old people will soon start. The funeral is held in a very serious atmosphere and
the funeral procession goes on in a very dignified way, led by Ikebe with the dead man's photo in
his arms.

If we did not know the story, we would believe that this is a real funeral: Yakusho's action and
looks are so dignified and grave.

In the scene at the seashore where the coffin is going to be shoved away, Yakusho's face suddenly
changes into that of a kind and friendly country man, which of course gives  viewers a sense of

His appearance in this film is only at this funeral scene.