Chocchan (1987)
NHK TV:  April 6 - October  3

Hiro Komuro: Choko Kitayama
Koji Yakusho: Iruru Kamiya
Kei Sato: Toshimichi Kitayama
Saori Yuki: Misa Kitayama
Based on the autobiography, entitled,
"Chocchanga Ikuwayo" by Cho Kuroyanagi.

Scinario: Narito Kaneko
Yakusho's role is that of Iruru Kamiya, a teacher of Japanese literature at Sorachi Women's
Senior High School, Hokkaido around 1929.  He is the class teacher of the heroine,Chocchan
(Choko Kitayama). All his class students are attracted by him because he is goodlooking and
also an amiable, generous, and sympathetic person. His students find him a good teacher,
whereas the headmaster of the school regards him too lenient to his students.

Almost at the same time when Chocchan goes up to Tokyo to enter a college of music to learn
singing, Kamiya also leaves Hokkaido for Tokyo after quitting his job as a teacher. In Tokyo he
becomes an author of children's books....