Some photos of Blackpool
Special thanks to UK Fan
Created on April 1, 2005
Blackpool Tower
Tramline on Blackpool sea-front
Blackpool sea-front, South Shore
Sunset over Blackpool Beach
The above photos were taken in May, 2004
In the film "Shall we dansu?", Mai says to

"Blackpool is a small, English seaside
resort, so normally it's very quiet. But
come the week of the championship, it
becomes this wonderfully lively town.

I first went to Blackpool when I was five.
The  central tower ballroom was so big...
so  splendid.  I danced amongst all those
strangers, doing my best to copy their
steps.  It was my paretnts' dream to dance
there. "

From the scinario written by Masayuki Suo
and translated by Ayako Futami (Aiikusha