BENT (1986)
July 4 - 27, 1986, at Parco Theater, Tokyo

August 2 & 3, 1986, at Osaka Sankei Hall, Osaka

Koji Yakusho: Max

Isao Washu: Rudy

Horst: Koji Takahashi


Scenario: Martin Sherman

Translated by Yoji Aoi

Directed by Terry Shriver
"BENT" is Koji Yakusho's first starring stage role, not organized by Tatsuya Nakadai's
Mr.Terry Shriver's comment on "BENT"

Martin Sherman's BENT is not only a shocking play, but a play of rare power and moral conviction.  It
is a strong metaphorical plea for tolerance and humanity, a plea not only limited to the intolerable
dehumanized condition of Nazi Germany.

Beyond its historical significance, it is an arresting story of one man's gift of life and love for another.  
One man reaching out to another at the very darkest hour.

There comes a time when we must stand up and be counted.  Even though such a decision may cost us
our lives. The relationship of Max and Horst, the savage killing of the innocent Rudy, a political
machine gone mad, all take us, the theater goer, on a very epic and audacious journey.

From the program of "BENT"
Koji Yakusho as Max
Koji Yakusho's comment:

" I have wished to play this drama since I read the scenario two years ago.  I have read it many times
since then, but each time I was deeply moved; it was my first experience.

I think my career as an actor has been blessed in that I have been able to continue, without
experiencing any slump so far. But in the future, a time might come when I feel depressed.  To be able
to cope with such a hardship, I'd like to challenge any roles.  I'd like to be adventurous, seeking

Yakusho mentions that the hardest scene in this play was where he had to carry stones at a Nazi
concentration camp.  The pace of walking and the timing were so important in exchanging words with
Horst (Koji Takahashi).

From the program of "BENT" (Translated by Pymmik)
Koji Yakusho as Max
(Asahi Shinbum)
The "Bent" program