Bangaku no Issho (2002)
Bangaku's Life Story
Created on January 6, 2008
Updated on September 28, 2015
September 28, 2015
BS Fuji TV started releasing
"Bangaku no Issho" on Sunday (21:00 to 22.00 p.m.), September 27, 2015.

Based on Pymmik's Koji Yakusho
News 1

June 2, 2001

Koji's TV serial drama, titled, "Bangaku No Issho"(Life of Bangaku) is to be shown from October on Fuji
TV.  This is a samurai drama, which was shot just after
"Dora-Heita" was finished in April, 1999. Two out
of ten episodes were shot by Kon Ichikawa.

"Bangaku No Isshou" is well-known to old Japanese movie fans, since
Sadao Yamanaka (Humanity
Paperballoons) directed the film with Denjiro Okouchi in 1933 as a silent film but it doesn't exist any more.
Only the scenario which Yamanaka wrote based on a novel under the same title by Kyoji Shirai exists.  
Kon Ichikawa is now one of the rare persons who saw the movie by Yamanaka.


Koji Yakusho's TV serial drama called, "Bangaku no Issho" (Life of Bangaku) with nine episodes started
on Fuji TV from March 5, 2002.  However, it stopped after the second episodes for some unknown reason.
The third episode is going to be shown on April 30.
Kon Ichikawa, who directed "Dora-heita", directed the first and second episodes of "Bangaku no Issho".

This TV drama was filmed from November, 1999 to March, 2000  but, for various reasons the release was
postponed until March 5 this year.(2002)

Koji Yakusho's portrayal of Bangaku is again superb. The character of Bangaku is quite interesting. He is
honest, sincere, vigorous and strong. He passionately loves his valuable sword called, "Heki Mitsuhira",
which was given to him by his former kendo teacher. He is a lonely man and he rather regards this sword as
if it were his sole friend.

The drama develops as Bangaku meets various people while travelling. In each episode, he believes people
but he ends up being betrayed by them. In his fury he finally decides to use his beloved sword against them.
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2002-Mar-05 to
Air time: Tuesdays 19:59 to 20:54
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2002-Mar-05 to
Air time: Tuesdays 19:59 to 20:54
Based on a novel by Shirai Kyoji, the drama
follows the story of a roaming samurai,
Achigawa Bangaku. Unable to turn a blind
eye to injustice and deception, Bangaku
works to right wrongs with his trusty sword
and unbending determination.
Yakusho Koji as Achigawa

Production Credits
Original writing: Shirai Kyoji  
Bangaku no Issho (novel)
Planning: Nomura Yoichi
Nishoka Yoshinobu

Producers: Endo Ryunosuke ,
Hobara Kenichiro

Directors: Ichikawa Kon  
Yamashita Tomohiko
Tsushima Masaru
Tanaka Mikihito  Hayashi Toru,
Mimura Haruhiko
Saito Kosei
Harada Shinji
Ogasawara Yoshibumi

Yakusho Koji plays the only regular in the cast.
Episodes 1 through 8 were aired through Fuji TV,
but episodes 9 and 10 were broadcast on digital
television only through Jidaigeki Senmon