Another Way: D-Kikan- Joho  (1988)
Koji Yakusho: Naoto Sekiya
Ayumi Ishida: Keiko Kusaka
Hideki Takahashi:Tsuyoshi Amamiya
Toshiyuki Nagashima: Masayuki Yabe
Tatsuya Nakadai: Shimamura
Mikijiro Hira: Kawase
Hisashi Igawa: Kasai
Shinsuke Ashida: Kitahara
Yatsuko Tanami: Fusae Sekiya

Udo Kier:Friedrich Hansman
Robert Vaughn: Dalles 'D'
Sydne Rome: Lita Garnet
Director - Kosaku Yamashita
Screenplay - Yasushi Ishikura
Source Material (from novel) -
Kyotaro Nishimura
Producer - Hitoshi Ogura
Executive Producer - Tsutomu Taki
Director of Photography - Shigeru Akatsuka
Music - Giorgio Moroder
Art Direction - Shigeo Mano
Special Effects - Koichi Kawakita

Release date: September 17, 1988
Running time: 114 min.
In January, 1945, a naval officer, Naoto Sekiya (Koji Yakusho) was given a secret mission of going to
Switzerland by submarine in order to purchase uranium for a special bomb. Sekiya was asked to contact his
former schoolmate, a naval officer called Yabe, in Berlin. He was given some top quality jewelry as the
purchase fee.

Although the submarine he was on was sunk in an attack on the way, Sekiya was luckily taken on board a
German boat, which had come to collect him.

In Berlin, to his surprise, he was told that Yabe had been killed some time before. On his way to Bern in
Switzerland by himself, Sekiya's car was suddenly shot, when a car approached and a man shouted to him to
ride his car. He said that his name was Hansman. Just after Hansman's car crossed the boarder, a bomb was
thrown at his car. In an explosion, Sekiya fainted and when he came to, he noticed that Hansman and the
jewelry had gone. An American woman whom Hansman kindly gave a lift murmured, "D" before she died.
Through  Keiko Kusaka working at the Japanese Legation in Bern, Sekiya saw Yabe:
he was actually alive. Yabe said to Sekiya that evidently Japan would lose the war in due course, adding that
he had been engaged himself to a secret peace move for Japan, contacting Mr Dulles, head of the US
strategic Organization, called "D".  While they were talking, a gun fired somewhere and Yabe was shot.
Before he breathed his last, he begged Sekiya to join their peace move group: it turned out that Keiko was
one of the members, and that Hansman worked for "D".

Keiko also asked Sekiya to succeed the mission Yabe had been trying to achieve, saying," I don't want to see
Japan destroyed. It's only you who can manage to do the peace  move. After a lot of hesitation, Sekiya
determined to go to meet Mr D (Robert Vaughn) . Prior to the meeting, Sekiya had seen Hansman, a Jew,
murdered by the Gestapo in Switzerland.
A number of Sekiya's desperate telegrams to
Japan urging the cabinet to send one of the top
military or naval officers  to Switzerland for
the peace move, were never answered.
On the day when Germany surrendered, Sekiya
was stabbed by a fanatic Japanese man.
Keiko and Sekiya, who are now in love,
admire the magnificent and peaceful  
mountain view at a hospital garden.
It was mid-June, 1945-- only a couple of
months before August 15th.
Tatsuya Nakadai and Koji Yakusho
Yakusho mentioned that he had spent many hours in learning
English and German, especially German, before the two-month
shooting in Europe started.
Commenting about his role as Sekiya, he said that he had made a
great effort to express the heroic man's dignity during the wartime.

This was Yakusho's first starring film.
Tatsuya Nakadai, Yakusho's acting teacher at the Mumeijuku
studio, played the role of Sekiya's boss.
The first meeting with "D" on a  pleasure boat on a
lake. Sekiya's talk with D was interrupted by a strange
boat approaching.They had barely left the boat before
it was blown up by a bomb that the Gestapo had set.
In his office, Dulles tried to persuade Sekiya
to cooperate with the peace move. Sekiya's
sense of loyalty to his Emperor started to
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Filming locations: Tokyo, Berlin, Bern, Zurich and Lausanne.
This film was made in a collaboration with film makers in Switzerland.